Illegitimis Non Carborundum

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just some stuff......

just sitting here at home enjoying my peace and quiet, so I thought I'd write.

We finally have wireless internet working in the house again so I'm sitting in bed on my notebook, which I haven't been able to do for about 9 months! Wooohoo!

The kids are all busy doing their things throughout the house right now and the husband is at the hospital having his sleep study done. I can not wait to see the number they come up with for him. I'm sure he stops breathing a lot when he sleeps but lately I think it's been worse and his doctor ordered a study done. A friend from work had this done and she had stopped breathing 52 times in an hour. I'm better he's more than that in an hour. His snoring keeps me up all the time. I'm going to enjoy this quiet night!

Of course I'm still up at 12:3o AM because I am so used to being up with my work schedule. But when I do get to bed, it's going to be so quiet!

I have a good book to cuddle up with but this computer keeps calling me. I started Every Last One by Anna Quindlen the other day. Seems good so far. I've never read this author before so I thought I'd give her a try since I heard the books is good and I have a few others of hers. I'm so proud of myself, I've been trying several new to me authors. Found out that I love Laura Lippman. I don't know how I missed her all these years. I also read Room by Emma Donoghue last week. That was a tough book when you thought too much about it. It was very good though. I kept hearing the name ROOM everywhere so I thought why not. I'm glad I did. I also read my first Lisa Scottoline which I really liked and loved the Philadelphia & Suburbs references. I actually have several of her books and have no idea of why I've never read them but I'm going to go with the excuse that there are so many authors and just not enough time.

It was back to a full work week this week and it started off sad. The young man who was in our hospital passed away. I found out the other night when I went to work. I just cried. I didn't even know him, never saw him. But I knew he was on the floor below me and I just could not imagine how his family was doing. I know there are children dying every day and then multiply that by every hospital, city and state and the numbers are just horrible. I think this one just hit me hard because I have a 16 yr old son. And I know I think too much, wonder too much, imagine too much. These are just a few reasons why I could never ever become a nurse! Good heavens, I'd be a total wreck every day. I just pray for his family. I just can not imagine that pain. And hope I never have to!

It's hard to believe the holidays are over, the time is flying! There is so much to do this year and I'm not ready! This is the looking at colleges year, taking SATs and praying that this son of mine can figure out what he wants to be! Not an easy task since he'd be perfectly happy being 16 for the rest of his life! My very own Peter Pan. That kid cracks me up! Actually, I'd like to keep him 16 too! I'd like them all to just stop, freeze, no more growing up!

I need some magic dust!