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Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a difference....

a month makes! Time is flying and I'm super busy with everything we have going on with the kids and school. This is our busy time for the Mothers Association and I have events every weekend for the next 3 weekends at least. Our CYO soccer used to be just Friday nights but this season they decided to add some Saturday and Sunday night games. Makes for very busy and fast going weekends.

But still in all that busyness, I find time to curl up with my book. It's a must!

I finished King of Lies by John Hart, which I really liked and dove right into Down River by John Hart which I'm liking even better.

I haven't been to the library in ages and I'm really feeling the need to go! I need to put that on my list for next week, at least. Need to make a little more time for a few things once all this craziness settles down.

And once all that happens, hopefully I'll have more blog reading and writing time too. I miss having time for everything I love.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Required reading.....finally!

My kids go to a catholic school and one thing that would always annoy me is that we would not have a summer reading list.

We don't want to put too much pressure on the little darlings while they are home for 3 months. I won't get into that.

And again, we didn't have required reading this summer for my 2 grade school kids. My oldest had 3 books to read. He read Tuesdays with Morrie and Napoleon's Buttons, which was for Chemistry.

My daughter came home today and said I have to go answer the questions for my reading. I just figured she was reading from a text book and since we don't have our workbooks yet (remember that budget issue?) I thought they must be doing some other type of writing homework.

My daughter says, "Don't you want to know what I'm reading?"

"Well of course I do, I didn't know you were reading a book. Who is having you read a book?"

"Mr. N., he's the English teacher and he wants us to read this year,"

Be still my heart!

"Our book is The Island of the Blue Dolphins"

Whoa! We have that book upstairs! So I tell her to go get it from the book shelf upstairs. Turns out we have the hardback copy with pictures! She's happy because she can read ahead at home if she wants to and leave her paperback copy in her desk.

I'm just happy!

Then my 7th grade son comes to me and says, "We're reading a book this year too. We're reading The Outsiders."
Fabulous! I kid you not when I tell you that my kids never had to read a book for class before this. I think that's a disgrace but no one ever seemed to care when I mentioned it before. Now they both have required reading and that just makes me so happy!
I talked to the teacher tonight at BTS nite and the teacher was saying he only has 30 copies of the book and they are falling apart. I'm going to start looking for copies of The Outsiders to give to the class. The kids can't bring their book home with them because they have to share them. I told him I would gladly buy my child a copy of it and he said he didn't feel he could ask parents to do that since we pay so much tuition. So, I'm going to start checking around at flea markets, yard sales and where ever else I can find them cheap. My daughter is in this class next year, they need these books!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So, on the off chance.....

that the entire library system in Philadelphia is closed, what am I going to do??

Now seriously, I'm not at a loss for books. I have a TBR pile that is just insane. I don't count them because I just don't want to know the numbers. Knowing how many there are scares me!
And there are far worse things than just the libraries closing. People are losing their jobs, their insurance and benefits, their homes!!

This whole budget thing needs to get straightened out and fast. I'd like to see the President tell Mr. Governor that he's not getting a check until his ass gets this crap settled. If I'm overdue by 1 day on my library book, I get a fine but the budget is overdue by 2 months and everyone is still getting their checks, driving their cars and using their health insurance benefits. Meanwhile, half the state is in a panic, don't have jobs, don't have benefits and for crying out loud, don't even have their school books!

But I'm willing to bet that Mr. Rendell will be sitting in that special box he sits in pretending that he's some kind of football expert on Sunday during the Eagles game. Maybe they should let him walk out onto the field! After what we did to Santa Clause one year, he should be very afraid to show his face there.

I just don't understand how so many other states can figure out how to do it and make it work but we can't??? I just don't get it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a disgrace.....

This is what I received in an email from my library here. I'm usually pretty darn proud of Philadelphia. I'm betting Ben Franklin is just turning in his grave!

All Free Library of Philadelphia Branch, Regional and Central Libraries Closed Effective Close of Business October 2, 2009
All Free Library of Philadelphia Customers,
We deeply regret to inform you that without the necessary budgetary legislation by the State Legislature in Harrisburg, the City of Philadelphia will not have the funds to operate our neighborhood branch libraries, regional libraries, or the Parkway Central Library after October 2, 2009.
Specifically, the following will take effect after the close of business, October 2, 2009:
All branch and regional library programs, including programs for children and teens, after school programs, computer classes, and programs for adults, will be cancelled
All Parkway Central Library programs, including children programs, programs to support small businesses and job seekers, computer classes and after school programs, will be cancelled. We are exploring the possibility of relocating the Philadelphia Author Series programs to other non-library facilities.
All library visits to schools, day care centers, senior centers and other community centers will cease.
All community meetings at our branch and regional libraries, and the Parkway Central Library, will be cancelled.
All GED, ABE and ESL programs held at Free Library branches will be discontinued, students should contact their teacher to see if other arrangements are being made.
In addition, all library materials will be due on October 1, 2009. This will result in a diminishing borrowing period for books and other library materials, beginning September 11, 2009. No library materials will be able to be borrowed after September 30, 2009.
Even as we remain hopeful that the State Legislature will act and pass the enabling funding legislation, we wanted to notify all of our customers of this very possible outcome. If you have any questions about impacts to Free Library services, call 215-686-5322, or visit the Free Library of Philadelphia website at If you have questions about changes to City services, or if you want to be kept informed about this situation, we encourage you to contact Philly 311 by calling 3-1-1 between the hours of 8am and 8 pm Monday-Friday, and 9am-5pm Saturdays, e-mail, or visit the City of Philadelphia website at
We thank you for your understanding, patience, and continued support of the Free Library of Philadelphia during these difficult times.
Siobhan Reardon, President and Director, Free Library of Philadelphia

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm back........

from our little mini vacation! We had a great little vacation, perfect weather, did some fun things and the kids were happy! What more can you ask for?

I don't know how, but I managed to only read about 2 pages of my book. We were just too busy and I kept falling asleep every time I opened my book. I even packed my book light thinking I was going to use it every night.

I started reading The King of Lies by John Hart. So far, it's really good. I enjoyed his other book, The Last Child, and figured this one wouldn't disappoint either.

Since we'll be getting back into the school routine this week, I'll be getting back into my reading routine too. Reading to help me fall asleep and reading in the pick up line! Those are the only good things about going back to school!
I'm just not ready for the summer to be over yet!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordy Wednesday.....

because even when I try, I can't be wordless.

I've been MIA for a few day because I've been insanely busy! We were supposed to go away for the weekend and I even took Sunday night off from work to enjoy a nice long family weekend. I walked out of work on Friday morning and it's raining. When I got home, I was greeted at the back door by a very pouty faced, red eyed little girl. My Sassy was not happy that it was raining on her parade!

We were supposed to go to the water park up the mountains and then do some sight seeing up there that would require it to be sunny. Looks like someone didn't get my daily plan. After some discussion and more tears, we all decided to go back to bed.

We did manage to salvage the weekend. We had a really great Friday night of playing on the Wii and then playing a few rounds of Apples to Apples! I love that game! We slept in on Saturday morning and then decided even with the light rains to head out to Valley Forge National Park. We haven't been there since the boys were little and I completely forgot how much there is to see there. We had a fabulous time! I think the boys were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed themselves. I took about 275 pictures and we didn't even finish seeing everything in the park. We were there for about 4 hours and I probably could have used another 2 hours to cover it all. We're making plans to go back in the fall to finish our site seeing and to get some great foliage pictures! I can not wait!!

I'm having so much fun playing with my camera. I got my first rainbow shot and my first butterfly on a flower shot.

I could have stayed there all day and night if it didn't get so dark there! I'll have to work on my timing for some sunsetting shots and the foliage shots. It should be beautiful in October!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Just finished......

Fear The Worst by Linwood Barclay.

It was pretty good. It kept my interest and it was a fast read. I'd have to say, I didn't like it as much as I liked his other books. I got really tired of hearing about cars.

I guess I'd give it a 6 on a scale of 10.

Tomorrow I'll be getting back into The Castaways since I put that down to start Fear The Worst. That should be a good vacation read for my weekend away!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The little things......

Today was a really good day! The weather wasn't bad, sunny but not that humid. The kids were all happy, doing their things.

I took V to the library today to pick up a book she had on hold and to get the next book in her series since we are going away this weekend. Nothing like sitting on the deck or the beach reading a good book!

She also got a few magazines while we were there, American Girl and Discovery Girl. Before Dad got home to make dinner, we were sitting at the kitchen table. She was looking through her magazine and I was making my lists for the weekend. That's when V gave me the eyebrow wiggle. Can't say no to that wiggle. "Hey Momma, there's a Mother/Daughter quiz. Wanna take it with me?" Insert another eyebrow wiggle here. So she ran off to get the paper and pencils. The questions were cute and not just silly questions, they required a little thought. V turns to me and says, you probably know me better than I know myself. She's probably right!

We finish the quiz and compare our answers. Funny how they remember certain things! The first question was what is one thing your daughter/mother says all the time. I informed her that it couldn't be any bad words. That's when she broke out the eraser. What about those cute little saying I say all the time?? Of course we knew each others favorite color. And our favorite candy bar. It was so cute seeing how she remembered certain things about me and how I remembered certain things about her. I loved the giggling she did the whole time.

It only lasted 45 minutes but it was the best 45 minutes of my day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Morning Meanderings.......

Imagine the fantastic secret garden that goes along with this entrance! I mean, this isn't your normal run of the mill trellis here. This place is incredible and only seeing it in person can do it justice. Just look at the details on the pillars!

Imagine having your morning cup of coffee or tea in this beautiful garden. It's so gorgeous and the only thing that would make it prettier is if the fountain in the middle there was on!

I could actually see myself sitting in these seats, reading my book and gazing out over the lawn, watching the children play. Oh, wouldn't that be something!!

That of course, is if I could pull myself away from my glorious bedroom in this mansion!

And this is just one of the "houses" on this property! It's incredible! I can't wait to go back and take some more pictures in the fall. Imagine what it looks like with a blanket of snow covering it all. The mansion is actually a museum now so we are going to go back in the fall and take a tour. I love old houses, homes, like this. I can't wait to see the inside.
Oh if only the walls could talk!!!

Is there anything.......

more fabulous than getting your hands on a brand new book that you've been dying to get your hands on???

I can think of one thing. Getting that book and reading it while sitting on the beach, relaxing on vacation.
But my vacation isn't until next weekend and I don't think I can wait that long to read my "to die for" book.

I picked up Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay at the library the other day. I didn't get too much reading time this weekend with all the school shopping. But I'm so ready to dive into it this week at work. I've read several great reviews so I really can't wait to put my feet up and get all snuggly with my book.

Next weekend I'll get back into The Castaways while I'm relaxing on the beach! Perfect book for vacation time!

Have a great week and happy reading!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Picture's worth.....

You know how the saying goes!
Well check out this picture! I found it over at which is a really great blog! She has some great give aways going on right now that are worth checking out and if nothing else, you can sooth yourself with the beautiful sound of the beach that she plays on her blog!
You can almost feel the sand!
I just love this picture!

They are just characters.....

and sometimes I have to keep reminding myself of that. They are just characters in a book.

There are so many times I just want to scream at a character! Come on, wake the heck up!!! You've got to be kidding me!

The book I'm currently reading, Best Intentions by Emily Listfield, has a main character that I want to shake so hard and tell to wake up!!! Now, maybe she's right. Maybe it is the truth. Maybe. But is sure as hell doesn't sound like it. It's making me crazy and I have to get to the end of the book so I can find out who is right....her or me!

I guess that's a sign of a really good book, when you are wanting to choke a character that isn't real, when you are dying to get to the end of the book just to see who was right!

I'm not saying it's great literature or a book that will live for ages, but you have to admit, it's good reads when you get a book like that!

Monday, August 17, 2009

That's what I'm sayin'......

I opened up my email tonight and was reading where the author of the newsletter was on a flight recently. Near her was this man who had brought his Kindle along for the ride. He was talking to everyone about his Kindle, telling everyone all about how wonderful it is.

Everyone else was reading a book. When he was all done raving about his Kindle, he sat and read the magazine that the airline provided in his seat.

See, his Kindle died. He didn't charge it before the flight or he forgot his charger or something along those lines.

So, there he is with his $300+ spectacular, you just gotta have this baby, this thing is wonderful, toy and he can't use it.

See, that's what I'm sayin'!

There is nothing as spectacular as having a never needs a charge or battery or outlet, good old fashioned BOOK!

Stickin' with it.....

How long do you give a book before you throw in the towel?

I've been reading this book, Best Intentions by Emily Listfield. I could have sworn that I read on other book blogs that it was a mystery/suspense book. So I got this book from the library and so far, I'm not feeling the mystery part.

Earlier tonight, I'm out roaming the streets in Blogger world and I come across a blog that has reviewed this book that I'm reading. I decided to stop in and read her review, hoping that one way or another I would get some input on what to do about this book.

I'm glad I did. The blogger gave the book a very good review and filled me in on a little secret. It is a mystery.....the mystery is in the last third of the book.

Okie dokie then......I'm stickin' with it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm no Mom of the Year......

BUT, I'd like to think I'm a pretty good mom. Well, actually, I think I'm a little better than pretty good but I'm basing that on the fact that I have great kids so I have to be pretty good to have such great kids, right?

It never fails, if you want to feel good about your mothering skills, spend some time with other people's children.

I've always raised my kids to be kind, especially to their friends. Our rule is, if you make plans with a friend, you don't dump them because someone else calls with a better deal. That just bugs the crap out of me. I can't stand kids that do this and I think it speaks volumes about the mother that let's a kid do that.

I also think that kids should show their friend's parents respect. My children have been told that they are to call a parent Mr. or Mrs. I have had 2 people tell my kids they can use their first name and my kids tell them that their mother prefer that they not do that. They can call them Miss Firstname or maybe Mrs. S instead of the full last name, but I prefer my kids to use titles as respect. I can not stand when a kid comes into my house and calls me by my first name when I've never ever said they could. Again, another thing that bugs the crap out of me and I think it speaks volumes again.

What would you do if someone you worked with told you, based on the stories you tell them, that you are an enabler for your children? This happened to a friend of mine. A male co-worker told her she's an enabler to her children, and they walk all over her for sure. She asked me what I thought on Saturday night and I just smiled at her. She agreed that we are both right. But I seriously doubt she'll do anything to change that. She's going to have track marks up and down her back for years. Poor girl!

My oldest son asked me today what I did that made my 3 kids turn out so good. He spent the night before over a friend's house and saw how those 2 kids acted to their parents. See, as teens they start to realize that acting like a brat is not the way to go. I told him I think it's a mix of a lot of things and I strongly believe it starts when they are young, infants. I think it's the way you talk to them and how you allow them to talk to you. There are things that you have to take control over from the get go and even though many times, it's easier to just give in and throw your hands up in the air, you have to stand strong and realize that you are doing it "for"them not "to" them.

I think you have to take parenting as a very serious full time role! It has to be just as important to you as your full or part time job. It has to be a priority!

Ah, if only everyone thought like me! I wouldn't have to be so frustrated when other kids do stupid things!

I'm saying a prayer.....

for a special intention. Feel free to add one if you'd like.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's like a little peek....

Our library system used to put a little card into this little slot in the back of your book to let you know when your book was due. But a few years ago, they switched to the computer system where you get a receipt and it tells you a whole bunch of information, including the book title, date checked out and date due.

These receipts look like your grocery store receipts and some people have taken to using them as their bookmarker. Others have left them in the little pockets of the book jacket.

I love when people leave them in the book jacket pockets. It gives me a little peek into what some people are checking out of the library. And sometimes you can get some good reading suggestions from these receipts.

The other day I found a receipt in the back of the book I just picked up from the library. I ordered The King Of Lies by John Hart. In the back was a receipt from the last person and they got this book and The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. Hmmmmm....never heard of that one but I'm going to check it out!

Who knows, might just be a good new book to add to my never ending always growing pile!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Handy little thing......

I found this handy little thing on the B&N site. Maybe everyone else already knows about it but I thought I'd share it with you all, just in case.

You can search for a book and B&N, then once you find it you can check and see if your store has it. Now, let's say they do and you want this book. You know you can't get there that day but you're worried they will be sold out of the book before you can get there....and you really need this book. Well, you can reserve it at your store! How 'bout that! They will hold it for you for 3 days and they will notify you via email that they have the book on hold for you.

I found this out because my son needs a book for school and there's just not enough copies of the book in the library. He's third on the list and they can't even estimate the wait time. He has to read Napoleon's Buttons for his Chemistry class. It doesn't look too thrilling and it really looks thick. Hopefully, three weeks is enough time to get through it.

There's actually been a lot of reading going on in my house which I love! My oldest is a big reader but my other two are a little wishy washy when it comes to reading. J, the oldest, had to read Tuesdays with Morrie and The Andromeda Strain for school. He really liked The Andromeda Strain, which made him think he'd like to check out other Michael Crichton books.

J got G to start reading the Harry Potter series too. Of course they've been watching the movies and got to discussing how the books are so much better. So he managed to convince G to start with #4 and read the series. He's flipping back and forth between Harry Potter and Poker for Dummies. Hey, he's reading, what can I say?

My daughter is reading a series called Suddenly Supernatural and really enjoying it! She's almost finished and with a little luck, she'll want to keep reading the series!

I'm about half way through Best Intentions by Emily Listfield. So far, it's keeping my attention. It's not one of those "can't put down" books, not yet anyway. I'm curious to see where a few things are going and I'm hoping where it's going is a little interesting! I've got quite a few on the burners that I can't wait to get to. The library sent me my emails telling me they have some holds so I'm there tomorrow to pick them up.

I've got several weeks of good reading coming my way!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Madness......

I don't like Mondays! I'm sure no one really does! Mondays are always busy for me and they always make me feel like I'm at the beginning of the tunnel again with no light in sight!

Today didn't disappoint. I did my normal routine of driving J to work after getting my 4 hours of sleep in the morning. The only bright side is that this is his last week of work. Good news for me, I can get some sleep and rest. Bad news for him, the pay checks stop and he's actually going to miss this job. But he's thinking since he needs to find another job for the year, it might be a great place for him to do his volunteer work during the school year. He's like his mom, has a hard time letting go.

I did manage to get G to run into the library for me and return our books but better yet, pick up some things that came in for me. I got my Harry Potter book on cassette and a video I was wanting to see. Of course I forgot to bring HP to work with me tonight but there's always tomorrow. And I got another email from the library telling me that The Castaways has arrived for me to pick up.

I started reading Best Intentions by Emily Listfield. I'm only about 50 pages into it but so far so good!

I have a lot of work to do for the Mothers Association and a few meetings coming up. Both are going to make this month fly by and before you know it, we'll be turning the calendar page again! I'm not ready for September!! I have so much to do to get the kids ready for school and I haven't done everything I wanted to do for the summer yet!

Somebody stop the world, I want to get off!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekly Wrap.......

I finished my book this morning while I was curled up in bed before the kids woke up. I was reading The Last Child by John Hart and let me tell you, this was a really good book! I highly recommend it for the mystery/suspense lover! I can't wait to find his other books.

In a few I'm going to curl up with Best Intentions by Emily Listfield. I've seen these book on several blogs and can't wait to dive into it!

I'm going to take a little me time tomorrow and head to B&N to get myself a new book light. Mind is on the fritz and I love this book light. It has a plug so I don't always have to worry about batteries and I can't live without it. I use my book light every day. I'd be lost without it! I also want to try and find another book I keep seeing all over the place called The Weight Of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf. My library doesn't have it and since it's out in paperback, I might just spring for my own copy.

I spent most of today cleaning and getting things done around the house while the kids had friends over so I'm looking forward to getting out for a while tomorrow.

Well, off to curl up with my book! Nite Nite!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just a little........

Thank you to Karen! She made this wonderful new background that I'm using on my blog and she makes all my pretty tags for my "signature".

If you're looking to change your look or just want something to add to your blog, check her out at

Notso Wordless Wednesday....

Even though it's almost over, I just wanted to post something. I was going for Wordless Wednesday but I never seem to be able to just keep my mouth shut.

But anyway.....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

New book, where are you???

I keep hearing about this new book! It sounds really good and right up my alley but it doesn't seem to be at my library yet.

It never fails. I see a book in a newspaper called Book Page that is given out AT THE LIBRARY. So you would think that maybe, just maybe, they would have some of the books that are all over the pages of this thing! The cover of Book Page says "Seven new novelists you should be reading". Ok, I believe you! And I'd love to be reading them but you have to supply them to me oh great library!

The one that sounds really good is The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf. This is Miss Gudenkauf's debut novel and it sounds really good. Not to mention, the cover really intrigues me.

Not only is it advertised in Book Page but it's also on the newsletter I received today!

Come on! Stop teasing me! I'm thinking I might just have to get to B&N to grab this one.

Here's what the ad says, in case you are interested......

"Heather Gudenkauf's debut is a stunning novel of family
devotion, honestly and regret that will linger long after the last page is turned.
Masterfully written and beautifully told. It happens quietly one August morning. Two families awaken to find the little girls have gone missing in the night. Now these families are tied by the question of what happened to their children. And the answer is trapped in
the silence of unspoken family secrets."

Now do you see why I can't wait to get my hands on this one??

A glance into the past......

Lately, I've been really interested in the "history" of my city and especially my area of my city. Philadelphia is broken down into little sections and there is a lot of history in each of these sections. I've found books some really interesting books at the library that have been written about the areas and even found one about Philadelphia Cemeteries.

I've always been a cemetery person. I've lost close family members and friends and find peace when I go to the cemetery to "visit" them. So to me , it's not strange to just walk around a cemetery and even take some pictures. The older the cemetery the better!

During our adventures yesterday, we found this really cool cemetery out in one of the suburb areas of Philadelphia. It's behind a catholic church there and doesn't have many graves like a typical cemetery does. But it was really old in there! The most recent dates we could find on a stone were from 1954. Most of the ages that the people were when the passed were on the stones and there were a lot of 60+ yr old deceased people. Guess that was considered old!

Some of the grave markers were half buried themselves. And the stones were very thin and worn. You couldn't even read the writing on some of them, they were so worn away. I always walk around and think about the people. What life must have been like back in the 1800s. The things they must have seen and gone through. I thought I was hot just walking around there in my shorts and tshirt. I can't imagine what they wore and how hot it must have been in those clothes. I got back into my air conditioned truck. Can you imagine a time with no A/C??

I enjoy reading about the history of the towns and I love to imagine what it was like. It must have been really something!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

There is nothing......

like spending a little one on one time with your daughter! We had such a good time today and I even got some great pictures. I'm going to have to post some of them tomorrow since I left the camera down in the dining room and I just don't have the energy to go downstairs again.

It was just a really great day and I love spending that time with her!

And I bought a new purple pocketbook so you know it was quite possibly the perfect day!

Thank you.....

Thank you so much Karen!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday!

I don't know about you but I NEED this weekend! Real bad too!

I need to do something, get out of the house and have a little ME time!!

I should make a list of what I want to do or where I want to go. I want to hit this one thrift store and it's not that far from the cemetery. Ok, I know that sounds weird but in my crazy world, it makes perfect sense. I want to stop at the cemetery because Sunday is my friend's one year anniversary. She passed away very suddenly last August 2nd. I want to take some flowers up since I haven't been there since the actual funeral. Then I figure, I'll need a little pick me up so the thrift store and the craft store could do just that. See, I'm always thinking!

Then I want to be selfish and take some time to take pictures. I really want to find a few places to just go and take some pictures and play with my camera. Usually my husband will say let's go here or there and you can take some pics. Then when we are there, he'll say here let me see the camera. Ok, I know this might sound mean but IT'S MINE! I want to play with it. Do I ask to shoot your bow? Do I ask to check out your rifle? You have your toys and I have mine. I'm 44, I don't have to share!

I really want to take some pics of the kids too because I found my photo paper and I want to print out some 5x7s for this one wall in my kitchen. I want to get some black frames and hang the three down in a row on this one part of the kitchen wall. In my head it looks great and when I'm done, I'll take a picture to show! I also want to put some of my pics that I've taken onto my digital frame that I haven't even opened yet.

I also need to get my mother a birthday gift and her birthday was yesterday. It's ok, she's not around to give it to anyway since she's away. So I'll find something over the weekend. She didn't seem too thrilled with that digital keychain I gave her for mothers day so I might just go with a gift card and call it a day.

I also need to get the hubby to bring home these boxes of books he keeps telling me I have at his shop. It's killing me not knowing what books are in these boxes! We must have put them down there about 5 or 6 yrs. ago when we were moving. I'm pretty sure they aren't anything really good, probably a lot of my old books that I've read and was saving for my "library". If they aren't anything I want then I'm going to donate them to the hospital here for the patients. But I have to admit, the curiosity is killing me!

And of course I want to sit on my deck and read. Now, I've said that out loud so that pretty much secures the fact that we will be having rain in the area! Heaven forbid I get a Friday night on the deck without rain! The book I'm reading is really getting good and I want to dive into it and try to stay awake long enough to finish more than 2 pages!

Other than that, I just want to relax! I just want to breath without feeling rushed and tied into a schedule!

What can I say? I'm a dreamer!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love....

magazines! I have about 5 baskets of them throughout the house. Mostly I have the magazines that we pass around in work like Women's Day, Redbook, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping and a few others that I can't think of off the top of my head.

I love sitting on the deck in my favorite chair paging through my magazines.

Women's Day always has a page called Simple Inspirations. It's always the last page and has quotes, inspirational ones of course! I always have these grand ideas that I'm going to cut them out and glue them to the cute little book marker strips that I made. Then I'm going to have these fabulous, inspirational book markers! Maybe one of these days!

I love reading the book suggestion sections that they have. Family Circle's August issue has "Summer Page Turners". I've seen a couple of their suggestions on some book blogs. A couple look really good! That's just what my TBR pile needs, to be increased!! They have the "Staff Picks" too. Sometimes when I read what others are reading, I feel like I'm really shallow. I just can't read some of that really deep stuff. I read to get away and lose myself in a good story. Not that some of these books aren't good or even great stories but sometimes when they are too deep, it really gets to me. I guess that's a sign of a really good book though! But sometimes I just can't take it.

I love the recipes! Ok, let me rephrase that. I love the pictures of what the recipes should turn out looking like. I always think yum, I would eat that. And I even fold the page so I remember to read the recipe and maybe even......gasp......make it! I really need to work on following up on that!

Good Housekeeping usually has a good short story to read! They also have a section called good/family. The August issue has a great article called 5 Mistakes (even smart) kids make on line. I'll have to leave that one laying around in the bathroom. Maybe one, or dare I dream, three of my very smart kids will pick it up and see what it has to say. If not then I'll make sure I leave it on their beds!

I always love the pictures that show me how beautiful my home can look with just adding these 5 simple things! Yep, someday I'll do those too.

Almost every magazine I have has some tips on how to "better organize" my home or how to "declutter" my home. I'm willing to be that if I started with the 5 or more baskets of magazines that I have, I'd be half way there!

Ah, who needs "a clutter-free" home!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Let me start by saying this first. I. DO NOT. LIKE. CHANGE.

Whenever there is change, I have a hard time adjusting. I mean I do it but a lot of time, I'm not happy.

Over the last few years, our school and parish as a whole has gone through a ton of changes. First, our pastor left. Then our principal left. Our vice principal became our principal. She got a new VP. The VP got let go the next year. Budget cuts. One of our priest left. Then we got another priest. He had charges brought against him which are turning out to be unfounded. But he was taken away. Then we had another priest who also just had charges brought against him. Those charges aren't looking too good either but we still lose the priest because of the laws, even if the allegations are unfounded. In June, that VP who became Principal, she left too. We're getting a new principal.

Now, I like our new pastor. I wasn't crazy about the VP who became P so I'm ok with her leaving. One of my son's teachers for 7th grade left so I don't know who he is going to have for some of his classes. And I've heard that our Music Director for our church was fired too. I liked her but it's not going to affect my life so I can deal with that one. Maybe they won't expect us to sing at church anymore! Fat chance.

So I'm thinking, this is a lot of change. And I know catholic school are in trouble. There are schools that have closed as of June. There are others that are on the short list. This scares the crap out of me. Then today, my son comes home with a rumor that one of the deacons at the church said that our school could be closing. Ok, now I know it's not going to happen this year because there's a process and we would have been notified. But this scares me! I have 2 kids in this school, grades 6&7. I need this school for 3 years.

I know what you are thinking. Just send them to another school. We can't do that in catholic school. We have to send our kids to where they tell us to send them because they subsidize the high school tuition. It's their rules and to get that $1,1oo. a year sent to my kids high schools, I have to follow the rules or pay it myself. I'm already paying $815 a month for tuition. I can't do anymore.

I know what you are going to say, send them to public school. That's not an option here in Philadelphia. Those schools are a disgrace. They are dangerous and I will not do that to my kids. I know it might seem dramatic but I would be worried too much and it's just not a safe environment to send them into. I'd scrub people's toilets before I would stop paying tuition and send them to public schools.

Part of me is thinking that everyone inside our little school and church knows there is writing on the walls and that's why they are running! Ok, I understand you have to have a job and you need to go to a place where you have security. I get that and I sympathize with that. But what about us poor suckers who don't have other options! I really need to know what the hell is going on over there!

I need this school to stay open for 3 years. Is that asking too much?

I also need to get some Miss Clariol because all this change is affecting my naturally beautiful blond hair. And I wonder where all these "light light hi lights" are coming from.

Change is NOT good!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Library Loot.....

I stopped at the library today to try and find the Harry Potter books on tape. Of course the 3 libraries I stopped at didn't have them. But while I was there, I decided to get a few things. Of course I always see books I want in a certain spot or at the end of a section, on display. I saw a couple of blogging books at the one branch but when I got there today, the books weren't on display anymore. I didn't really have the time to ask the librarian for help today since I needed to be in and out fast.

I'm determined to complete this Harry Potter challenge that I signed up for so I ordered the first book on cassette from the library and hopefully it will be in soon. I was looking forward to listening to it tonight at work.

While I was there, I looked around a little and found 2 really cool books that reference the areas of Philadelphia that I wanted to check out. One book I found is called Philadelphia Area Cemeteries. I was looking for another book and stumbled across this one. I would love to take my camera to a few of these cemeteries and get some great pictures. Some of the cemeteries are within an hours distance from my house so maybe we can take a couple of long drives one day.

The other book I found is a History book for a few of the little areas I live in or around in Philadelphia. The pictures in this book are great! Seeing the Washington Tea House of Tacony in 1900 is so awesome! I love finding out about the history of our little towns in our big historical city!

I'm still waiting on a few books I reserved from the library so hopefully they'll be in soon and I'll get caught up with the books that I have at home. I'm still reading The Last Child by John Hart. It's getting pretty good but I've been so tired lately with my crazy schedule that every time I pick up my book, I start to doze off. Hopefully, I'll be further into it by the weekend.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Your dream job.............

On Friday night two of the kids were at friend's houses so that left hubby, Jerry & me to fend for ourselves. We decided we should go out to eat! We went to TGIFriday's since I had a coupon and we had a really nice night together. It's not often that we get one kid all alone.

We were sitting there at TGIFriday's reading the sugar packets. They had questions on them. I never knew this before that night. Some of the questions were really cool like "What is the first color on the American Flag?" I said red cause you say red, white & blue. I have no idea if there is a correct answer.

One of the questions was "What is your dream job?". The husband's wheels were turning since we all know it isn't the one that he has. Jerry was thinking too since he's only 15 and just not really sure what he wants to do yet. I on the other hand, I had my answer without even thinking about it. They both asked me what my answer was. I told them, my dream job would to be a Stay At Home mom. I told them I had my dream job, I would just like to have it again. Jerry asked why it was my dream job instead of a writer or something more interesting.

I just couldn't explain it well enough, I just couldn't do it justice. But I tried. I told him how I thought it was a gift to be able to stay home and raise my kids. How I valued and treasured every day that I had to do that and how important it was to me that I was there for everything that they did, went through, experienced and learned. It means the world to me to know that they told people that I taught them how to tie their shoes, count, say their ABCs and even go potty. I consider that a privilege! Those years that I was waking up with the kids, spending the whole day with them and then enjoying the evenings as a family were some of the most special times of my life. I cherished bath time, brushing hair and making them smell so good with their lotions. I didn't care that the job started at 6A.M. and went till all hours of the night sometimes. I got paid in hugs and kisses, I got rewarded all the time, I was praised for my job well done every time I heard "You're the best mommy ever". Man, I loved that job!!

And I guess like all jobs, there are changes. There have been good changes and some bad. I wish the bosses didn't have to grow up. But I enjoy my relationships now with my kids, it just bothers me that they don't let me put lotion on them after shower time or that they won't sit in a bubble bath and tell me stories with some toys. Guess they are too cool and grown up for that all now! But those sure were the days!

So, yes, my dream job is still the one that I treasured way back when they were little babies and toddlers. It was a gift, it was heaven and it was amazing!

It's 3:17AM......

and I have work to do.

And what am I doing instead??? Checking out blogs!

I really need to get back to this work. I have to email these schedules to my boss before I leave at 6AM.

I need to log off now. Like right now.


Ok, I'm going.

Say Goodnight Lori............

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shower day.....

Today was my niece's bridal shower. It was very nice but way too fufu for me. It was in a gallery in the middle of an area that is surrounded by Center City and 2 colleges. That means no parking unless you park at the meter or in a paid garage. I was smart, I made the husband drive us down and drop us off. My sister in laws were not so smart. One had to keep leaving to feed the meter and the other paid $35 for being in a garage.

Maybe I'm just an old fart, but I like the more relaxed showers where you get a comfy seat, fill up a styrofoam plate with lots of good homemade food and sit around with family and friends to gab. I'm not big on finger sandwiches or salmon with cucumber slices.

I wish Crate & Barrel was around when I was getting married. I don't even remember registering anywhere when I got married. We took whatever gift you wanted to get us. And I sure as hell never expected someone to buy me the KitchenAid Stand Mixer with all the attachements.

I do like sitting back and watching people at these things. And I'll admit, I sometime just happen to overhear a few things. Why would you have a shower on a Sunday afternoon when some of the guests, who were aunts, are from out of town. They were able to stay for about an hour after the bride got there. I think if I lived in Washington D.C, I would have just mailed a card! That must have been a heck of a ride with the storms and traffic. I guess sometimes people just don't think.

I've never been to a shower where the groom stayed, sat next to the bride and opened gifts. Dude looked bored to tears.
One thing I was kicking myself over and over about was not taking my camera. There were so many great shots on the way down and on the way back that I could have gotten. Hey, it's only 15 minutes from home, we can take another road trip!

Well, at least it's over and I don't have any "scheduled" events for the next few weekends!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harry Potter reading challenge.....

This sounds right up my alley! There's a Harry Potter reading challenge but you don't have to read all the books. I'll admit, I'd love to read them, I really would. But you know how it is, you're busy, you have so many other books to read. And let's face it, there are so many other books that I really want to read. But.....don't you love buts? With this challenge, you can listen to the Potter series!

Why didn't I think of this sooner???

I can still read all the books in my TBR pile and all my new favorites that are coming out, all while I listen to Harry Potter! I can listen in the truck, I can listen on the eliptical, and let me tell you, it has to be easier to listen than read on that eliptical.

Why not join me? Give it a try! The challenge runs from August 1, 2009 to July 31, 2010. I'm thinking the next trip to the library should be to get the Harry Potter books on CD! I'll start slow, one book a month maybe? Sounds like a plan!!! Oh and did I mention that there will be prizes and gifts? Just sign up by August 15 to be in the running for the first giveaway: a complete set of the Harry Potter books. Awesome!!!

Follow the link below and jump on the Hogwart's Express with me!

Hope to see you there!

I have a friend....

that I met on the internet years ago. Now that I'm thinking back, it was probably about nine or ten years ago. Wow, time is flying!

We got really close and she even came to visit me one time from Ohio where she lives. We always talked about if only she could move here or if I could move there, oh the fun we would have together. We were really tight!

Over the last couple of years, we kind of lost touch. It really bothered me and I would wonder if maybe I had done something. I would email and she would reply but it wasn't every day or even every week anymore. It got to the point where it wasn't even every month. And I'll admit to being very mature and feeling that it was a little one sided and I had my feelings hurt. I would email, she would reply and then I would never hear from her unless I emailed again. Like I said, I got my feelings hurt and wasn't acting very mature.

I got an email from her today. Shocked the crap out of me because I was just talking about her to my son the other day on the way to work.

She wrote me and told me that a very good friend that she grew up with died the other day. She was killed in a horrible accident. Having that happen made her realize that she wanted to reach out to me. I cried when I read her email. I know the pain of losing a friend suddenly. My best friend that I grew up with died 12 1/2 yrs ago and I think about her all the time. I also lost another friend suddenly last summer. Her anniversary is coming up on August 2nd and I was just thinking about her today.

I also cried a little because it really touched me how she reached out and told me that even though we don't talk as much anymore, we were great friends and she loves me.

I miss her a lot. I wrote her back. I think I'll probably write her again during the week. And then probably the week after that too.

Life's too short to be petty!

Friday, July 24, 2009

This has been all over every blog I read and follow so I thought I'd jump on the wagon!

Which do you prefer? (Quick answers–we’ll do more detail at some later date)

Reading something frivolous? Or something serious? Frivolous
Paperbacks? Or hardcovers? Hardbacks
Fiction? Or Nonfiction? Fiction
Poetry? Or Prose? Poetry
Biographies? Or Autobiographies? Autobiographies
History? Or Historical Fiction? Historical Fiction
Series? Or Stand-alones? Both
Classics? Or best-sellers? Best-sellers
Lurid, fruity prose? Or straight-forward, basic prose? Straight-forward, basic
Plots? Or Stream-of-Consciousness? Plots
Long books? Or Short? Long
Illustrated? Or Non-illustrated? Non-illustrated
Borrowed? Or Owned? Borrowed
New? Or Used? Used

Book Worm.....

Today I grabbed our little local newspaper and while the london broil was defrosting in the microwave, I decided to take 10 minutes and browse through it.

I found this great article called "Book Worm" by Dr. Harry Silcox. He's a local historian for my area of Philadelphia and writes a few articles for the newpaper about historical places in my area of Philadelphia. I love his article. And I knew I was going to love this week's story just based on the title.

Turns out it's a great historical story about our library system and how it was founded by Ben Franklin and a few other men. One thing that was neat was the fact that the men who were a big part in our libraries here have streets named after them right in our area. One of the names is the street that's right at my corner. I never thought about how some of the streets were named but when I started reading the names, it clicked and I just thought that was cool!

Here's the article! Hope it doesn't bore you! One thing I thought was really cool was how people carried 4,000 books 4 blocks to the new library! And that's the library I go to today. I grew up in Tacony and I go to the Holmsburg branch since it's about 5 blocks from my house!

I just loved this article! I could just picture the people of the times and how it must have been to be there for the beginning of libraries! How cool was that! I hope you enjoy it too!

Book Worms
Living in the Past
By Dr. Harry C. Silcox
For the Times
he history of libraries in the United States tells much about the intellectual development of the nation. When settlers arrived in America in the 17th century, they carried few books besides the Bible. The primitiveness of the new frontier forced them to bring only essential items like household utilities, tools for cutting trees, and seeds for growing food.
Recognizing a need for discussions and books, no less a man than Benjamin Franklin organized a group of men into a "junto," or a select group. They met weekly during the 1730s to discuss the events of the day in Philadelphia.
It was not long before they became frustrated by the few books available. To solve the problem, Franklin proposed the first library in the colonies. His concept was simple: Each member would pay a monthly fee for books to be purchased in Europe and brought to Philadelphia to become part of a "Library Company." Any book could then be borrowed for a week at a time by any contributing member.
This lending library, available only to a wealthy few, set a pattern for early libraries in this country.
The first local community to imitate Franklin's library company was in Northeast Philadelphia. In 1794, a meeting was held at the Byberry School House for citizens who'd previously met to organize the school. They resolved to use their influence "to promote a library in Byberry." It was decided to immediately open such a library in the home of Ezra Townsend of Bensalem.
By December of that year, a constitution was adopted and signed by 29 residents of the area. Among them were names still familiar to us today as street names in Byberry: Ezra Townsend, John Comly and Paul Knight. In 1798, the library was moved from Townsend's residence to the schoolhouse. In 1799, the rules were revised to allow the community greater access to the books.
This system lasted until 1916, when books were transferred to Joshua Gilbert's store during rebuilding of the schoolhouse. The work was completed in 1918, and the books have remained there ever since.
Although the library contained only 3,000 volumes, the collection was carefully chosen to encompass history, poetry, science, literature and art. Works by Prescott, Bancroft, Bryce, Lord Bacon, Kingsley, Emerson and Carlyle were all to be found in the library, quite a feat for this small, isolated farm community removed from city life.
The library was so successful that local leader Nathan Middleton and his friends set up a fund, the interest from which provided money to buy books each year, thus freeing the original stockholders from any annual payment.
Closely tied to the library was the Byberry Philosophical Society, which met and housed its collection in the same room. The society was formed in 1829 for "the acquisition and promotion of scientific knowledge," and its minutes show that it was at one time actively engaged in scientific investigations and acquiring Native American artifacts.
Many of the birds and animals still in the collection were mounted by Charles Comly and Dr. Isaac Comly, both skilled taxidermists of that time. Isaac Comly later wrote a history of Byberry that formed the basis of Joseph C. Martindale's book on the area, A History of Byberry and Moreland.
The large collection of waterfowl is still in the library and was a gift of Nathan Middleton. An additional case of animals and birds was the gift of Isaac Comly's wife Elizabeth. Near the library was Thomas Shallcross' home, "The Pines." His love of learning and his position as president of the Twenty-Third Ward School and membership on the Philadelphia School Board made him a primary supporter of educational opportunities in Byberry. A public school bearing his name remains in the community to this very day.
A second library was formed in Northeast Philadelphia in 1823 when a group of civic-minded men met in Holmesburg. Benjamin F. Crispin, Jonathon Rowland and Dr. W. Scott Hendrie formed a lending library to be housed in Hendrie's house. Hendrie lived next to a Methodist Episcopal church near the center of town, and his informal library was well-known to the better-educated families.
Hendrie was an Army surgeon and a colonel in a regiment of local Pennsylvania volunteers. He had a large practice and was extremely popular in Holmesburg. Through his efforts, a large number of books were collected - a collection that officially became the Holmesburg Library in 1867.
Because of his active interest in village improvements, Hendrie became the first president of the library. With full support from its owner, Benjamin Crispin, the books were moved that same year to the newly opened "Athenaeum" building on Frankford Avenue.
An early report by Hendrie showed that the library contained 2,000 books on shelves; there were 6,000 book borrowings over the course of a year. When Hendrie died in the late 1860s, Crispin became library president; the librarian was J. Edger Morrison, who lived nearby.
In 1880, the Holmesburg Library was formally recognized by the Trustees of the Lower Dublin Academy, which promised continual financial support. The trustee minutes indicate that $300 was contributed yearly to buy new books.
The Athenaeum building remained the home of the Holmesburg Library until 1906, when a grant from philanthropist and industrialist Andrew Carnegie built the library that has stood at Hartel Street and Frankford Avenue. The Lower Dublin trustees purchased the ground to fulfill Carnegie's requirement that land be provided to obtain his construction grant.
On the day the books were moved, more than 100 Holmesburg residents arrived at the Athenaeum to carry 4,000 books four blocks to the new library on Hartel Street. This festive and happy day of work assured that books would continue to be available to the community.
Frankford was the largest community in Northeast Philadelphia at the time and also developed a library. The earliest record of a Frankford library appeared in an 1831 article about a group of citizens who spoke of sharing their book collections.
When Joseph Wright built the Wright's Institute in 1854, he provided space for a library room "with heat and light to be used perpetually as a reading room and library." Located at Griscom and Unity streets, the library remained in the Frankford community until the Wright Institute closed in the 20th century and a public library was built.
The only other early library in Northeast Philadelphia was established in Tacony. The first thoughts of a public library for the neighborhood surfaced in 1876, when a public meeting led to formation of the Keystone Scientific and Literary Association on Oct. 24. Meetings were held weekly and featured debates, recitations and readings.
The group met in the original schoolhouse at State Road and Longshore Avenue. Nothing was done to formally establish a library until January 1877, when a committee was appointed to prepare a circular to solicit money and books, as well as to procure a room with lighting fixtures for night reading.
On Feb. 6, 1877, the first book was presented to the group - along with $40.50 that was used to purchase 78 books. The library officially opened in the school on March 6, 1877. This room served as Tacony's library until Jan. 1, 1880, when the library was moved to the Community Hall and New Era newspaper building on State Road.
The Tacony Literary and Library Association then applied for and received a charter from the U. S. Congress. On April 30, 1884, the Keystone Scientific and Literary Association was dissolved and its books were transferred to the newly chartered Tacony Library. The inventory boasted 1,284 books.
When the Henry Disston Saw Works contributed money and promised continued support, the library was renamed the Disston Library and Free Reading Room. Disston rented the third-floor rear room in the Tacony Music Hall for the library. With its high ceilings, stately appearance and easy access, the space was ideal. In 1893, the number of books in the library increased to more than 3,000, leading to the acquisition of space in the bank building at Longshore Avenue and Tulip Street.
In 1906, a Carnegie grant was obtained to build a library on land donated by the Mary Disston Estate. The site at Knorr Street and Torresdale Avenue yet again encouraged a community to turn out and walk the books one pile at a time to the new library.
Northeast Philadelphia's early efforts to develop libraries came from within each community. Long before any City of Philadelphia initiatives, the Quakers in Byberry, the wealthy, civic-minded citizens of Holmesburg and the industrialists of Tacony and Frankford established the blueprints for libraries in their communities, with the support to ensure their growth.
While the Carnegie grants at the turn of the century were instrumental in the establishment of libraries in Holmesburg and Tacony, clearly Northeast communities were already committed to the idea of having libraries, a home for books available to all.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some old....some new.....

As I type this, my two sons, ages 15 and 12, are home watching Harry Potter #4. They've been watching the Potter movies all week together, getting caught up so that they can go see the new one that is out. Honestly, I can't remember a thing from the books and I haven't read them in years. I used to read them with my oldest. We read them passionately! I did voices and was very dramatic in my readings. I remember J was in first grade when we started and he was hooked right away. By the time book three rolled around, he took the book from me and told me he was going to read it on his own because I was only doing a chapter or two a night and I just wasn't fast enough for him. I think that book three was the last one I read and I can't even honestly tell you which one it was or what it was about. Which makes me think that I should start all over from book one.

Or I could just watch the movies.

I know I know, I'd miss a lot. I'm usually the one saying that, "Read the book, it's always so much better and you miss a lot if you don't read the book first". There are a lot of movies I haven't seen because I have the book. I won't watch until I read the book.

But I really want to see the Potter movie and I know there is no one on earth that I'm going to get all those books done in any kind of timely fashion WHATSOEVER! So I am going to cheat and watch the movies. But I will go back and read all the books because I know I'll enjoy the books just as much as the movies with this series!

Speaking of series, I'm almost done Undone by Karin Slaughter. I'll actually be done it by the time I leave work at 6 AM. It's a good one and I love this series. I love these characters. And I'm not a patient person so waiting for the next book is going to kill me. Why can't authors release a book every 6 months when they do a series? Is that really asking too much?

I guess that means I'll be starting a new book tomorrow morning to help me doze off. I'm thinking I'll start The Last Child by John Hart. I've seen some good reviews for this book so I'm looking forward to getting into it!
And last but not least, thank you to my friend Karen at for my new pretty tag!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Every day!

Every day I drive my son to work and I drive right past the Starbucks that they just built. Every day there are people sitting outside, sipping their drinks, relaxing with their books or laptops. Every day I think, that just looks so relaxing.

I'm not a big coffee drinker but I'm sure I could find something on their menu to make me happy. I would love to do that some day. Just stop in, get a drink, go out on the patio and pull out my book, prop up my feet and chill.

In theory, it sounds heavenly. In my head I'd be thinking, I could do this at home and then I'd be there when the dryer goes off, be able to throw another load into the washer. I'm sure my mind would wonder. I'd be looking around at the cars that drive by. I'd start wondering, thinking of all the things I should be doing instead. I'd notice that one of the cars has a light out. I need to get a headlight for my truck. I'd be wishing I had my camera to get some pictures of things, like the plane taking off from the airport next to the Starbucks. I would love to get a shot of that huge flag on the car dealership. I need to run to school and pay the tuiton. I need to get to the credit union, stop at Walmart and hit the grocery store for dinner. I could be doing a mile on the treadmill or some time on the elipitical. I could be catching up with my shows on demand. Or I could be going back to bed since I only got 4 hours of sleep before I took the kid to work!

I just can't seem to be able to just sit and relax like I see these people doing. I just lack the discipline to just sit there and do one thing. I really wish I could because it just looks so lovely!
I missed some great shots today because I didn't think to take my camera with me when I went to pick up J at work. I could kick myself. Of course when I take it with me tomorrow, there won't be anything exciting to take pictures of. That always happens!

I did manage to get a mile done on the treadmill today! I really think I'm going to do a few more days of a mile and then bump it up. It's only taking me 20 minutes to do the mile. Time to step it up a little!

I'm still reading Undone by Karin Slaughter. It's really good and part of me wants to savor it because it's going to be a while till the next book in the series. The other part wants to rip through it and see where some of these characters are going! I'll be done by this weekend hopefully! That's if I stop falling asleep while I'm reading. I have a few other books on the back burner that I want to get to soon too.

Off to read my book! TTFN!

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Monday.....

and it's back to the routine!

J is back to work. This is his third week at this job and he got his first pay check on Friday. They hold one week so it was a one week check. He's a happy camper. We're going to the credit union today and we are getting him his own bank account. He actually has one account that I'm the custodian on but he's not getting his hands on that money yet. He's going to learn how to budget his money and keep his account.

It's funny how kids think of things. They told him they were going to pay him "every other week", so he thought he was only getting paid for every other week. And then they told him they hold one week's pay and he thought he wasn't going to see that week ever again. They'll give it to him at the end of the work program since it's a 6 week program. I'm assuming they do that because they want to make sure they keep them for the full 6 weeks. J has already decided he likes the idea of having money so he is going to start looking for another job after he gets back to school and knows his schedule.

I'm looking forward to those few weeks after his work program is done and we can get back to the summer routine! I miss sleeping in. This sleeping for 4 hours, getting up and driving him in, then going back for 3 hours and getting up to get him stinks. It's really a shame he didn't get a closer job that he could ride his bike to. He loves riding that thing and would do it to save me the trouble in a heartbeat. I don't mind, I have the peace of mind knowing that he's there and safe. But there are days when I'm dragging. And before you know it, the school year will be here so there won't be much down time then either.

My other son G was talking to me Saturday night when I picked him up at his friend's house. He wanted to know if I thought he was too young to go on a date. Well, he's going to be 13 in September and he's a very mature 12. Do I think he should be "dating"? No. But I'm willing to be that's not what he wanted to hear. He wants to ask this girl that he's friendly with to go to the movies some time. He's another one that needs a J-O-B. I told him to feel things out with the girl first and he needs to find out if she's allowed to "date". Of course I'll be the one driving to and from the date so I know there won't be too much going on during this "date". Let's see if he gets the nerve up to talk to her about it and actually ask her. It might actually take till he's 13 to do all that!

Oh they joys of motherhood! Life was so much easier when they were toddlers!!
Happy Monday! Hope it's a good week for you!

In my little world.....

It's still Sunday! So this counts for Sunday.

And since I'm in a really lousy mood, it would be wise to just go along with me.

The weekend was good but way too fast as usual! Why is it that I'm always wishing my week away just to get to the weekend and then poof, it's gone!

I had a great Saturday out with my oldest son. Both of the other kids went to their friends houses so it was just J & me. He made me do my workout, pushed me when I was dying, but it was good and I felt great. We decided to get out of the house for a few hours and went to.......Barnes & Noble. Where else? But we went to a different one than we usually do. It's a little further and much bigger. We had a good time together and the time spent talking was wonderful. I really love that we have that kind of relationship. He's 15 and he doesn't mind being with mom. We both have friends that don't have those relationships and we see how some of his friends are to their moms. It's a shame, they are missing out really!

I only got a bookmarker, of course. J wound up with a book, a cute lefthanded book, a bookmarker and an owl for his collection. Kind of belated birthday gifts from Mom. Which reminds me, I have to write in the front of his book. I usually write a little something inside when I give him a book. I enjoy it and I think he looks forward to reading what I have to say about him. Hopefully, years from now he'll look back and enjoy those little notes!

That was about it for the excitment on the weekend. The rest was spent relaxing, cleaning up, doing wash, organizing, shopping, and just the basic catching up on things.

And I look forward to this every week!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting started....

that's half the battle for me! But I've made the decision that I'm getting my butt in gear. I am going to start working out, exercising and doing whatever it takes. I'm not going to say I'm dieting. I will say that I'm going to eat better and smarter. I'm not going to deprive myself. I'm going be better to myself.

I started today by going on the treadmill for 1 mile already. I'm going to do 15 minutes on my eliptical and then later tonight I'm going to do another mile on the treadmill. It's going to be easier for me to workout on the weekends since my work/sleep schedule is insane during the week.

But I'm going to try harder and make a point to do this for myself. I have a great motivator too. My oldest son has decided to be my "trainer". He sits behind me and cheers me on. I told him if he was going to be supportive, he should be on the eliptical next to me while I'm on the treadmill instead of sitting on my bed with his laptop. I guess he could be sitting there eating cookies while he IMs with friends, really making me jealous!

Well, it's time to get off her and hit the eliptical. If I don't blog tomorrow, call 911!

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's not easy.....

to give up this control thing I have. I like things done a certain way.

Since my oldest got a job and my other son has been making money working with dad, that left my daughter feeling like a bum. So I told her she could do chores and get paid. I've tried this before and they very nicely told me they didn't need the money that bad. Don't get me wrong, they'll help out with anything that I ask but they never really did big chores regularly. Now the girl has some work she has to do each week. I told her a dollar a chore. She fell for it! So if she mops the kitchen floor....$1. Vacuums.....$1. Dusts......$1. She's up to $5 this week. I'm liking this! I might even tip her!

Now I see why the kids would sit and watch me do all the work, it's kind of fun to watch someone else doing all this! If I could just get her to do the laundry, I'd be in heaven!

I have to learn that it doesn't have to be perfect and I will not redo everything after she's done. I'm working on that. Slowly.

I think I'm psychic......

because these things that I talk about keep happening. Like the other day, I said to my son "Have you heard from Kayla?". She's his old girlfriend and they said they were going to stay friends since they only dated a little while and they seemed better friends than anything else. Well, he said nope, probably won't either. Then two days later, she texted him. Now they are talking here and there.

The other day I told m husband that if his sister happens to call about a shower gift for our niece, tell her thank you but I'm getting my own gift. He says what do you mean. I said, I know she's going to call and say she bought a bunch of things for Jess and if I want to go in on things, or buy something she has or if I need a "suggestion", she has some for me. Sure enough, guess who called tonight. I saw the caller ID and said it's your sister and don't forget what I said. She starts talking and he just turns and looks at me. Yep, she had bought several things and didn't know if anyone wanted to go "in on it all" with her. That's when I got the look like how do you do this and then he told her what I said.

I had a serious gut feeling that my friend is having a girl. She had an ultrasound today! I'm not a pink person but I'm tickled pink today. I actually saw something last week at a store and it made me think of her and that's when I just thought she's having a girl.

There are other things that happen that sometimes give me a feeling that I know what's going to happen or I get a feeling that I know what something is about before anyone else tells me.

Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if I could sit and figure out some numbers??? I could really use a little lottery winning right now!