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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love....

magazines! I have about 5 baskets of them throughout the house. Mostly I have the magazines that we pass around in work like Women's Day, Redbook, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping and a few others that I can't think of off the top of my head.

I love sitting on the deck in my favorite chair paging through my magazines.

Women's Day always has a page called Simple Inspirations. It's always the last page and has quotes, inspirational ones of course! I always have these grand ideas that I'm going to cut them out and glue them to the cute little book marker strips that I made. Then I'm going to have these fabulous, inspirational book markers! Maybe one of these days!

I love reading the book suggestion sections that they have. Family Circle's August issue has "Summer Page Turners". I've seen a couple of their suggestions on some book blogs. A couple look really good! That's just what my TBR pile needs, to be increased!! They have the "Staff Picks" too. Sometimes when I read what others are reading, I feel like I'm really shallow. I just can't read some of that really deep stuff. I read to get away and lose myself in a good story. Not that some of these books aren't good or even great stories but sometimes when they are too deep, it really gets to me. I guess that's a sign of a really good book though! But sometimes I just can't take it.

I love the recipes! Ok, let me rephrase that. I love the pictures of what the recipes should turn out looking like. I always think yum, I would eat that. And I even fold the page so I remember to read the recipe and maybe even......gasp......make it! I really need to work on following up on that!

Good Housekeeping usually has a good short story to read! They also have a section called good/family. The August issue has a great article called 5 Mistakes (even smart) kids make on line. I'll have to leave that one laying around in the bathroom. Maybe one, or dare I dream, three of my very smart kids will pick it up and see what it has to say. If not then I'll make sure I leave it on their beds!

I always love the pictures that show me how beautiful my home can look with just adding these 5 simple things! Yep, someday I'll do those too.

Almost every magazine I have has some tips on how to "better organize" my home or how to "declutter" my home. I'm willing to be that if I started with the 5 or more baskets of magazines that I have, I'd be half way there!

Ah, who needs "a clutter-free" home!


  1. You sound like my Mom. She rips articles out... gives them to my sister and me :o)
    I'm the opposite. One I read a magazine, it's off to someone else.

  2. I only rip them out if they are really important and I either want to refer to them again OR if I feel someone would really benefit from them. Like my photography mags, I'll rip out and save some to refer to later. KWIM?

  3. I love your blog and what you have done with our name! It's beautiful. Stopping by to say hello.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



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