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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting started....

that's half the battle for me! But I've made the decision that I'm getting my butt in gear. I am going to start working out, exercising and doing whatever it takes. I'm not going to say I'm dieting. I will say that I'm going to eat better and smarter. I'm not going to deprive myself. I'm going be better to myself.

I started today by going on the treadmill for 1 mile already. I'm going to do 15 minutes on my eliptical and then later tonight I'm going to do another mile on the treadmill. It's going to be easier for me to workout on the weekends since my work/sleep schedule is insane during the week.

But I'm going to try harder and make a point to do this for myself. I have a great motivator too. My oldest son has decided to be my "trainer". He sits behind me and cheers me on. I told him if he was going to be supportive, he should be on the eliptical next to me while I'm on the treadmill instead of sitting on my bed with his laptop. I guess he could be sitting there eating cookies while he IMs with friends, really making me jealous!

Well, it's time to get off her and hit the eliptical. If I don't blog tomorrow, call 911!


  1. Getting started is half the battle. Good luck!

  2. Just moving more will do it Lori. Back when I was able to do walking for my exercise it really helped. Here's a site I used when I first got diagnosed with diabetes. It helps to keep up with your measurements, weight, diet and exercise. It really helped me come to grips with what I needed to do to get my diabetes under control.

  3. Cool! I"m going to check that out. Hubby has diabetes and I'm sure I'm borderline since it runs in the family.

  4. Good luck, Lori. Some of my friends and I are going to walk after we drop the kids at school. A little exercise and good conversation is a great way to start the day.

    Keep us updated on your progress.


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