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Friday, July 10, 2009

My sweet surprise!

I was just sitting in the kitchen with my laptop, bored and thought maybe I'll check the library website. I have 2 books on hold but I was pretty sure neither were going to be in because the first one isn't out till the 12th and the other one isn't out till August.

Well imagine my sweet surprise when I see that my book is in!!! I threw on my shoes and got V to come with me to run in and grab it for me. I hadn't gotten a shower yet and my hair was up in a clip. Besides, V had a few books she needed to return too.

I got my hands on Undone by Karin Slaughter. And it's such a gorgeous book! It's purple! I can't wait to dive into it but I'm making myself finish my current read since I only have about 100 pages left. I really need to read 2 other books that I have from the library too that might now be renewable. I really need to get reading!!!
The only thing that would make it better was if I had a purple book marker. I just haven't been able to find one. Might be time to make myself one!
Well, Friday is over! It was a really good week. My oldest son, J, started his job this week. He actually really likes it so that's a huge plus! He got a job through this work program at one of the schools and he's a classroom assistant at a place that has a summer daycare/camp for special needs children. He's been working in a room with only 2 kids, which he says he can't tell that they have any special needs. They just seem like sweet, cute little kids. They just basically watch the kids and play with them. He's been having a blast and it seems like a couple of the kids are really liking him. Hey, who doesn't like a big kid who brings in his old Transformer toys that he used to play with when he was little. He was the bomb with that one. He even got a picture that one of the boys drew for him. It was so cute!
My other son went to work with Dad for a few days and I'm pretty sure he's decided that he's going to college and getting a killer degree where he'll never have to do manual labor again! But hey, he made a few bucks so he's happy!
My daughter V had her Summer Science Program at the library this week. She was in heaven. It was 2 days of Oceanology! Right up her alley! She took her Mermaid Purses that she found on the beach last week and showed off all her knowledge of the ocean and it's creatures. I think she would have loved to take over the class. Tonight she was on the deck with me, wearing her goggles, rubber gloves and using her instruments to study and research all her shells and doing some experiments that were in the workbook they got from the class. I got a couple of pics that I have to get off the camera later.
All in all, it was another really good week!


  1. Sounds like everyone had a great week... eapecially you and V. I'm not sure if there's anything better than a "surprise" book from the library.

    I don't have a purple bookmark, either. HOw have we let that happen?!?

  2. I've looked. They just don't make them and I think that's very very wrong.

  3. I find it hard to believe there are no purple bookmarks!! I'm going to keep my eyes peeled from now on!

  4. You'd think purple bookmarks would be an easy find. I'll check and see what we have when I'm out and about next week. Maybe I'll get lucky and get to mail you and Kathy something in snail mail. Glad you got your surprise book Lori. I bet V will be an oceanographer when she grows up.


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