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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My "Go To" music.....

Last night I had a really rough meeting with my Mothers Association and it was really upsetting for a few. I hate some of the things that happened but I'm not going to quit. I signed on for President and I'm going to ride it out. I don't like the one change but, I'm just sneaky enough to work around it and make it work for me.

When I got in the truck last night to drive to work after the meeting, I needed to unwind. I went right for my Go To music. It's only a 15 minute drive so I got a couple of songs in. There is nothing like Earth Wind & Fire for me. I love the song September. After that I found my Barry White CD and played a couple of songs. I have my Bon Jovi CDs ready for tonight! They are just some of the songs that I can blast on my way to work and they make me relax, feel good and put me in a happy place! It helped some last night!

It also helps to have a good show to lose yourself in! I'm hooked on Big Brother again this summer! I'm getting to have a few favorites and there are a few that I would hate to be stuck in a house with. I think I'd have to be restrained a few times if I was in there.

To make it even better, I got to curl up with my book which is really good! I'm reading Undone by Karen Slaughter. This book is the long waited #7 of the Grant County series which is one of my all time favorite. What makes it even better is that the Grant County characters meet up with the characters from another of Slaughter's series which I LOVE too! There is just something about Will Trent that melts my heart!! You really get attached to Slaughter's characters. Karin Slaughter also has a great newsletter that she sends out and I love her humor and the simplicity of her newsletter. I bet she would be awesome to hang out with and meet in person. She sounds like a real down to earth kind of person with a dry humor that I love!!

I'm actually looking forward to going to work tonight, getting all my schedules done and then curling up with my book!!


  1. I'm happy to see that you Margaritas...oops, I mean lemonade...out of lemons!

    Just like my definitely helps!

  2. Ah, Margaritas on the deck Friday night sounds like a wonderful idea! Thanks for the suggestion!


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