Illegitimis Non Carborundum

Friday, July 17, 2009

I think I'm psychic......

because these things that I talk about keep happening. Like the other day, I said to my son "Have you heard from Kayla?". She's his old girlfriend and they said they were going to stay friends since they only dated a little while and they seemed better friends than anything else. Well, he said nope, probably won't either. Then two days later, she texted him. Now they are talking here and there.

The other day I told m husband that if his sister happens to call about a shower gift for our niece, tell her thank you but I'm getting my own gift. He says what do you mean. I said, I know she's going to call and say she bought a bunch of things for Jess and if I want to go in on things, or buy something she has or if I need a "suggestion", she has some for me. Sure enough, guess who called tonight. I saw the caller ID and said it's your sister and don't forget what I said. She starts talking and he just turns and looks at me. Yep, she had bought several things and didn't know if anyone wanted to go "in on it all" with her. That's when I got the look like how do you do this and then he told her what I said.

I had a serious gut feeling that my friend is having a girl. She had an ultrasound today! I'm not a pink person but I'm tickled pink today. I actually saw something last week at a store and it made me think of her and that's when I just thought she's having a girl.

There are other things that happen that sometimes give me a feeling that I know what's going to happen or I get a feeling that I know what something is about before anyone else tells me.

Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if I could sit and figure out some numbers??? I could really use a little lottery winning right now!


  1. You must be psycho! I mean psychic. Yes, that's what I meant to say.

  2. Just remember, birds of a feather......

  3. Well, you're all flocking crazy and so am I.

  4. OK, seriously ... I think we are long-lost twins. This happens to me a lot and just this week. A friend's mom was diagnosed with cancer less than a month ago, and I just had this feeling that she was going to pass quickly. I woke up one day this week with her and her mom on my mind, and it was not a good feeling. Sure enough, I checked Facebook ... she passed away in the night.


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