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Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Monday.....

and it's back to the routine!

J is back to work. This is his third week at this job and he got his first pay check on Friday. They hold one week so it was a one week check. He's a happy camper. We're going to the credit union today and we are getting him his own bank account. He actually has one account that I'm the custodian on but he's not getting his hands on that money yet. He's going to learn how to budget his money and keep his account.

It's funny how kids think of things. They told him they were going to pay him "every other week", so he thought he was only getting paid for every other week. And then they told him they hold one week's pay and he thought he wasn't going to see that week ever again. They'll give it to him at the end of the work program since it's a 6 week program. I'm assuming they do that because they want to make sure they keep them for the full 6 weeks. J has already decided he likes the idea of having money so he is going to start looking for another job after he gets back to school and knows his schedule.

I'm looking forward to those few weeks after his work program is done and we can get back to the summer routine! I miss sleeping in. This sleeping for 4 hours, getting up and driving him in, then going back for 3 hours and getting up to get him stinks. It's really a shame he didn't get a closer job that he could ride his bike to. He loves riding that thing and would do it to save me the trouble in a heartbeat. I don't mind, I have the peace of mind knowing that he's there and safe. But there are days when I'm dragging. And before you know it, the school year will be here so there won't be much down time then either.

My other son G was talking to me Saturday night when I picked him up at his friend's house. He wanted to know if I thought he was too young to go on a date. Well, he's going to be 13 in September and he's a very mature 12. Do I think he should be "dating"? No. But I'm willing to be that's not what he wanted to hear. He wants to ask this girl that he's friendly with to go to the movies some time. He's another one that needs a J-O-B. I told him to feel things out with the girl first and he needs to find out if she's allowed to "date". Of course I'll be the one driving to and from the date so I know there won't be too much going on during this "date". Let's see if he gets the nerve up to talk to her about it and actually ask her. It might actually take till he's 13 to do all that!

Oh they joys of motherhood! Life was so much easier when they were toddlers!!
Happy Monday! Hope it's a good week for you!


  1. LOL at how literal our kids can be at times Lori. Now J will have a head start on all his friends and be in the know on the terminology of paychecks. Not to mention it sounds like he's already got a really good work ethic going on too. As for G dating I don't want to hear it. He and Nicky are about the same age. Yikes! You're right about it being so much easier when they were toddlers. Here's to your first real summer sleep in too. ((Lori))

  2. "Life was so much easier when they were toddlers!!"

    No kidding! It's fun now but a lot more challenging.


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