Illegitimis Non Carborundum

Friday, July 24, 2009

This has been all over every blog I read and follow so I thought I'd jump on the wagon!

Which do you prefer? (Quick answers–we’ll do more detail at some later date)

Reading something frivolous? Or something serious? Frivolous
Paperbacks? Or hardcovers? Hardbacks
Fiction? Or Nonfiction? Fiction
Poetry? Or Prose? Poetry
Biographies? Or Autobiographies? Autobiographies
History? Or Historical Fiction? Historical Fiction
Series? Or Stand-alones? Both
Classics? Or best-sellers? Best-sellers
Lurid, fruity prose? Or straight-forward, basic prose? Straight-forward, basic
Plots? Or Stream-of-Consciousness? Plots
Long books? Or Short? Long
Illustrated? Or Non-illustrated? Non-illustrated
Borrowed? Or Owned? Borrowed
New? Or Used? Used

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  1. Great choices. Although, on some of them... I like both!


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