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Monday, July 27, 2009

Your dream job.............

On Friday night two of the kids were at friend's houses so that left hubby, Jerry & me to fend for ourselves. We decided we should go out to eat! We went to TGIFriday's since I had a coupon and we had a really nice night together. It's not often that we get one kid all alone.

We were sitting there at TGIFriday's reading the sugar packets. They had questions on them. I never knew this before that night. Some of the questions were really cool like "What is the first color on the American Flag?" I said red cause you say red, white & blue. I have no idea if there is a correct answer.

One of the questions was "What is your dream job?". The husband's wheels were turning since we all know it isn't the one that he has. Jerry was thinking too since he's only 15 and just not really sure what he wants to do yet. I on the other hand, I had my answer without even thinking about it. They both asked me what my answer was. I told them, my dream job would to be a Stay At Home mom. I told them I had my dream job, I would just like to have it again. Jerry asked why it was my dream job instead of a writer or something more interesting.

I just couldn't explain it well enough, I just couldn't do it justice. But I tried. I told him how I thought it was a gift to be able to stay home and raise my kids. How I valued and treasured every day that I had to do that and how important it was to me that I was there for everything that they did, went through, experienced and learned. It means the world to me to know that they told people that I taught them how to tie their shoes, count, say their ABCs and even go potty. I consider that a privilege! Those years that I was waking up with the kids, spending the whole day with them and then enjoying the evenings as a family were some of the most special times of my life. I cherished bath time, brushing hair and making them smell so good with their lotions. I didn't care that the job started at 6A.M. and went till all hours of the night sometimes. I got paid in hugs and kisses, I got rewarded all the time, I was praised for my job well done every time I heard "You're the best mommy ever". Man, I loved that job!!

And I guess like all jobs, there are changes. There have been good changes and some bad. I wish the bosses didn't have to grow up. But I enjoy my relationships now with my kids, it just bothers me that they don't let me put lotion on them after shower time or that they won't sit in a bubble bath and tell me stories with some toys. Guess they are too cool and grown up for that all now! But those sure were the days!

So, yes, my dream job is still the one that I treasured way back when they were little babies and toddlers. It was a gift, it was heaven and it was amazing!


  1. I agree! I stayed home as much as I possibly could, which ended up being at least 2 years with each kid. I wouldn't give up one day of it!

  2. Grandchildren Lori....don't forget about the grandbabies. You're definitely going to be a hands on Grandma. No doubt!


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