Illegitimis Non Carborundum

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I always cry.....

I'm just one of those people who cry easy. I cry when I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I'm scared, or nervous, or excited. I cry at stupid things like movies, books, commercials and school events with my kids. I can cry when I hear a certain hymn or song. I cry when looking at pictures and watching videos. It's not always a bad cry, sometimes I can smile while I cry, but I'm just an easy crier.

I cried this weekend!

My son was in his school play. I told my son freshman year that he should get involved in stage crew. He did but didn't give it 100%. Then Sophomore year he decided that he was going to give it another shot, and fell in love with the theater and the behind the scenes. His goal is to get named Stage Crew Director for his senior year. He got 2 awards last year and was most impressed with the one given to him by the Stage Crew Manager. The other one was for something academic, he was okay with that but more impressed with the Stage Crew one. He was asked to step into a minor role during the spring musical because a kid was on academic probation. He did and he loved it. That's when he decided that as soon as the Fall Show auditions came around, he was going for it.

And he did, shaking like a leaf, he went for it!He landed one of the lead roles in the show called The Rules of Comedy. It's a comedy about applying the rules of comedy to a very serious play, Hamlet, the last scene to be exact. Hamlet is deep and dark, not funny. But they applied these rules and it was a funny show! And my son was on stage for the entire show, with a huge spot light on him, with a lot of lines.

And I cried. But that's okay, cause it was a good cry!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I don't ask for much......

really I don't.

I just ask for a few little things in life.

I ask for Target to have my shampoo and hair color in stock. Why they need 40 boxes of Ms. Clairol #255 Deep Deep Dark BLACK and only 2 of the blond that evidently every woman in Philadelphia uses, is beyond me. Would it kill them to over order that color just one month so I don't have to go to 3 other stores to find it?????

I just ask that they have grape juice. Not Blueberry Pomegranate Cran Grape. Just Grape. It's Tuesday and there is no Grape on the shelf. Who the heck does the ordering for these stores????

I do ask that if you are going to make a left turn onto another street, signal a little bit before the turn and then scooch over to the left a little so those of us going straight can pass you. I know it's hard to hold the phone AND put the signal on. I mean God only gave us 2 hands and one of them must be on the cell phone at all times! But just give it a shot, just one time and see how smooth your turn goes.

I ask that teachers just get the kids out of the school so they can go home. I know it's very important for them to be silent while in a line but for the love of everything holy, let them talk and get rid of them faster. Stopping every few steps to tell them to be quiet isn't working. Aren't you dying to get rid of them?? You've been with them for 6 hours now. Send them home to their parents, who by the way, are sitting in the car with 50 other things to do and places to go.

I ask that if you are going to send me a notice that my book is in at the library, that you send the notice BEFORE the library closes. See sending it at 11PM doesn't do me a lick of good. I can't get it then and have to wait for the next day. That's annoying because I've been waiting patiently. By 3:30 the next day, I am busy and have completely forgotten that you sent me an email about 12 hours ago to come and get it.

And those were just today!

Monday, November 15, 2010

They tell me.........

that in a few years, more like 10, I will miss all this.

I will miss all the running around that I have to do on a daily basis. I know they're right, I will miss being busy when they get older and don't "need" me anymore.

I think back and remember when I was a tween and a teen. If we couldn't walk to it or get there by bus, we probably just didn't go. I don't remember asking my mother to drive me to places. I'm pretty sure we just got ourselves there. I don't remember her driving us to the dance or sitting in her car while reading a book just waiting for me to come out. I just think things were so different and it didn't work that way back in the 70s and 80s.

This weekend I drove my one son and his friend over to a mall in New Jersey to buy a t shirt at Hot Topic. It had to be that specific Hot Topic because on Thursday of this week, they are having this band there. So if you go over and buy a t shirt, you get the arm band which allows you in to see the band. I have no idea of the name of the band even though he told me several times. I try to remember, it just seems to get lost by more important things like where I left my car keys or what day of the week it is.

I'll admit, I love doing all these things. I want to be that mom. I want my kids to look back and say my mom always was there to take us here and there, or my mom always let us have our friends over. I want to be the mom that makes the pizza rolls, lets 10 kids lay all over the living room floor watching a movie and bakes 2 dozen cupcakes cause it's one of the girls birthday.

I just wish the government would send me a nice check every week for being that mom! It would be so much more fun to be that mom if I didn't have to work every day.

So this week I have one son with play rehearsal every night because the big show is this weekend, I have another one with the All Star Soccer game and a band he just has to see, and a daughter with an art class and a new engineering club. Throw in 3 shows of the play this weekend, the school dance that I run, which includes finding some time to do the shopping for that dance some time during the week, a few trips to the grocery store and Target, and with a little luck, some time to stop in the hairdresser to beg her to cut my hair and wax my eyebrows. And let's not forget, a little alone time with Ms. Clairol because teaching the oldest to drive is just ruining my perfectly natural blond!

I think "they" are right though! I'm going to miss this.

Until then I guess it's dark circles and uneven gray hair!

So, back to blogging.....

I have journals like this in my room too. I start, I stop, I start again. It's the story of my life. Never feels like you are getting anything done and yet when you sit down to write, you could go on for hours!

So, I'm giving it yet another shot on another Monday.

A horrible thing happened in the VB kingdom this weekend. All the little princes and princess are not happy. The computer has a virus and needs to be seen by someone who knows what they are doing. It might be time for a professional, or a sister in law who thinks she's a professional!

The kids are going through withdraw. I offered to take the oldest to work with me for an hour so he could come here and bring his laptop to get things done for school and then I could print it out if he needed. He said he didn't need to do that. The husband got home and got it at least to the point where you can go online on the main computer but not on the laptop. And we're not sure how long that's going to last since there's a virus and it just keeps screwing things up. Wouldn't it be nice if my computer being down was as urgent to my sister in law as it is to the kids? LOL She actually has the audacity to put work and her family first. Believe me, I'm making note of this when it comes time for Christmas presents. LOL

More big news in the kingdom! The oldest son is in the school play this weekend! He's a nervous wreck. I'm saying a novena and hoping he doesn't get sick this week from being so run down between the rehearsals, the meeting and just regular school work. I'm so excited for him though. I can't wait for the weekend!

And a little sad news in the kingdom. My other son was in the playoffs with his soccer team. First time in a long time that they made the playoffs. But they lost on Saturday night so technically they are the 3rd place team. No shame in that considering the teams that they had to beat. The coach actually has a complaint in to the Commissioner because they've played this team before and some of these kids weren't on the original roster and didn't even have uniforms on, unless all of a sudden we play against the Philadelphia Phillies in CYO soccer. Not that it's going to do anything because the championship was Sunday so I'm sure it's too late to do anything. All in all Greg had a great season and played so well! He made the All Star Team so he has his last game on Wednesday night. Kind of bitter sweet because I don't think he's going to play soccer when he gets into High School next year.

I can't believe I'm saying this but.....I'm going to miss soccer games with him.

UGH! I hate the fact that they are growing up and I have no say in it whatsoever!