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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I always cry.....

I'm just one of those people who cry easy. I cry when I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I'm scared, or nervous, or excited. I cry at stupid things like movies, books, commercials and school events with my kids. I can cry when I hear a certain hymn or song. I cry when looking at pictures and watching videos. It's not always a bad cry, sometimes I can smile while I cry, but I'm just an easy crier.

I cried this weekend!

My son was in his school play. I told my son freshman year that he should get involved in stage crew. He did but didn't give it 100%. Then Sophomore year he decided that he was going to give it another shot, and fell in love with the theater and the behind the scenes. His goal is to get named Stage Crew Director for his senior year. He got 2 awards last year and was most impressed with the one given to him by the Stage Crew Manager. The other one was for something academic, he was okay with that but more impressed with the Stage Crew one. He was asked to step into a minor role during the spring musical because a kid was on academic probation. He did and he loved it. That's when he decided that as soon as the Fall Show auditions came around, he was going for it.

And he did, shaking like a leaf, he went for it!He landed one of the lead roles in the show called The Rules of Comedy. It's a comedy about applying the rules of comedy to a very serious play, Hamlet, the last scene to be exact. Hamlet is deep and dark, not funny. But they applied these rules and it was a funny show! And my son was on stage for the entire show, with a huge spot light on him, with a lot of lines.

And I cried. But that's okay, cause it was a good cry!


  1. And you won't stop crying when he's graduated either! I can't watch an orchestra without remembering DD1 playing her cello in the orchestra or a chorus or ballet without remembering DD2 in her chorus or with her dance company, it's soccer with DD3 and band with DD4! Stock up on tissues, it's a teary ride--and you're right, it's not always sad, pride will do it to you every time!

    BTW,we do have Apples to Apples and that one is hilarious! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Very cool! WTG, J!!

    It's okay to cry :o) The best Moms (me included) all do!

  3. aww ... good cries are okay. I don't cry, I laugh ... try explaining that one ;0)


  4. Good cries are always fantastic! Happy Saturday! Hope you are having a nice weekend! Congratulations on doing such an amazing mothering job! My son is only 4 ;) I am sure I have many more happy cries ahead of me!


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