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Monday, July 13, 2009

Are there words....

that you just don't like or can't stand?

I hate the word purse. I never use it. I say pocketbook. And no I don't know why it's called a pocketbook. The one I use is much bigger than a pocket and sometimes I carry a book in it but not always because it normally has a ton of other junk in it.

But I refuse to use the word purse. It annoys me.

Another word that annoys me is recipe. It's just the way people say it. I'm not a big fan of cooking and have no need whatsoever for recipes. The word annoys me.

And of course I get an email from my sister in law and the subject line says "Recipes". I immediately roll my eyes. Ok, this better not be an email with recipes in them. It's not. It's an email telling me that I need to print out one of my favorite recipes and bring it to the shower for my niece. Wonderful! Did I mention I'm not one of those people who has "recipes". I have cookbooks. I think they look adorable on the shelves in my kitchen. But they are decorations to me. I guess I could crack one open and make a photocopy on cute little paper. Maybe I'll even add a little note saying "Oh this was always one of my favorites and it's so yummy!"
Or maybe not.


  1. first comment was lost!

    I just edited by blog because I used a word you don't

    I can only think of one word I don't like..."Whatever"...not so much the word but the way my thirteen year old son says it

    I think I concentrate more on words I love. Nowe you have me thinking and I'll probaly have a whole list by next week :o)

  2. I can't think of any word I don't like. Hmm.......gotta ponder on it a bit.

  3. Ha ha, recipe recipe recipe.
    I don't like the word purse but I don't like pocketbook any better so I use purse.
    I hate the word 'slacks'. And a few others.

  4. I'm with you on "slacks". Blouse bothers me too. I'll use it but I just don't like the way it sounds.


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