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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Waiting On" Wednesday.....

I have some good ones that I'm waiting on too! My first waiting on is Undone by Karin Slaughter. I believe the release date is July 12th and I'm first on the library reserve list for it! I can't wait until they get it and I can dive into it.

My other big waiting on is Fear The Worst by Linwood Barclay. That's not being released until August. I'm first on the library reserve list for that one too! I'm so excited!

I need to get my butt in gear and get some other books that I have from the library done too. I have Best Intentions by Emily Listfield, The Last Child by John Hart and I'm almost done Judas Child by Carol O'Connell. I think I'm going to return Girls from Ames and get it out again later when I don't have so much to read. I waited so long for that one but it will still be there in a few weeks.

Besides Waiting On books, I'm really waiting on Big Brother's return to TV this week! I love some of these reality TV shows and it really helps pass the time at work when I have them to watch on line. The Bachelorette and Big Brother are my summer guilty pleasures.

We're also waiting on a big event for Sassy! Back at the end of school, they told the kids about a summer program that the library runs. Every year they have the Summer Science program. A few times she was interested but by the time we found out about it, the program was full. So this year she heard about it in school and we went THAT DAY to sign up. This year's program is about Oceanography, which made it even more of a must do! Sassy has always told me she's going to be a Marine Biologist when she grows up. So this was right up her alley this year. The big day for the program is Thursday and Friday! Last week she checked out 14 different ocean, shells, reef, and coral books just so she'd be "prepared". Her brother found her a really cool Mermaid's Purse while we were on the beach and she brought it home to share with the class. She did a little research on line about the Mermaid's Purse too so she would really know what she was talking about when she brought in her show and tell. She asked the librarian if she could bring her digital camera to take some pictures of whatever the instructor brings in too. This should be interesting!

Can't wait for everything to happen!!


  1. WOW :o)
    You sure have a lot of great books that you're waiting on.

    Sassy's Oceanography program sounds so fun. I "ggogled" Mermaid's Purse as I had never heard of it.

    I've never been a Big Brother fan... maybe I need to

    I love your new background.

  2. I love Emily Listfield! Go ahead and read that one... after reading Best Intentions, I picked up another one of her books from the library and loved that one as well. I am also waiting for Linwood Barclay's latest as well. Great suspense books always!

  3. I googled Mermaid's Purse too. That is awesome that she got one. Sounds like a fun time is in store for Sassy. You've got some really good books to look forward to Lori. I need to build back up my TBR pile. I'm down to 4.

  4. I like reality tv and watched BB every summer until the season Evil Dick and his daughter were on. Haven't watched it since.

    Isn't it great being 1st on the library waitlist?!

  5. I had never heard of a mermaid's purse either. We were on the beach and Jerry walks up with one. Says hey look I found a mermaids purse. I gave him the look and he explained what it was. LOL Damn kid is such a know it all. Victoria was a big hit at the class today with her Mermaid purses.

  6. Stacy, I have never been first until I was lucky enough to get on the list for Slaughters new one. It pays to be awake during these crazy hours.

  7. Hi Kristie, I can't wait to read it. I'm hoping she's a new favorite author too!

  8. Thanks Kathy, I'm playing with that site you used. I'm debating because none of them are exactly "me".

  9. Karen, down to 4? That scares me! LOL You know better than that.


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