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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Library Loot.....

I stopped at the library today to try and find the Harry Potter books on tape. Of course the 3 libraries I stopped at didn't have them. But while I was there, I decided to get a few things. Of course I always see books I want in a certain spot or at the end of a section, on display. I saw a couple of blogging books at the one branch but when I got there today, the books weren't on display anymore. I didn't really have the time to ask the librarian for help today since I needed to be in and out fast.

I'm determined to complete this Harry Potter challenge that I signed up for so I ordered the first book on cassette from the library and hopefully it will be in soon. I was looking forward to listening to it tonight at work.

While I was there, I looked around a little and found 2 really cool books that reference the areas of Philadelphia that I wanted to check out. One book I found is called Philadelphia Area Cemeteries. I was looking for another book and stumbled across this one. I would love to take my camera to a few of these cemeteries and get some great pictures. Some of the cemeteries are within an hours distance from my house so maybe we can take a couple of long drives one day.

The other book I found is a History book for a few of the little areas I live in or around in Philadelphia. The pictures in this book are great! Seeing the Washington Tea House of Tacony in 1900 is so awesome! I love finding out about the history of our little towns in our big historical city!

I'm still waiting on a few books I reserved from the library so hopefully they'll be in soon and I'll get caught up with the books that I have at home. I'm still reading The Last Child by John Hart. It's getting pretty good but I've been so tired lately with my crazy schedule that every time I pick up my book, I start to doze off. Hopefully, I'll be further into it by the weekend.


  1. The cemeteries book sounds cool! I forgot to mention this in emails, but I checked out The Life of Pi today! ha ha
    Very pretty background!

  2. I'd love to see pics of the cemeteries Lori when you get to take some. My family is weird and we like to go and look at old cemeteries too.

  3. You had a piece of pie today! Wonderful for you! LOL Don't mention that book to me. You know what it starts.


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