Illegitimis Non Carborundum

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Let me start by saying this first. I. DO NOT. LIKE. CHANGE.

Whenever there is change, I have a hard time adjusting. I mean I do it but a lot of time, I'm not happy.

Over the last few years, our school and parish as a whole has gone through a ton of changes. First, our pastor left. Then our principal left. Our vice principal became our principal. She got a new VP. The VP got let go the next year. Budget cuts. One of our priest left. Then we got another priest. He had charges brought against him which are turning out to be unfounded. But he was taken away. Then we had another priest who also just had charges brought against him. Those charges aren't looking too good either but we still lose the priest because of the laws, even if the allegations are unfounded. In June, that VP who became Principal, she left too. We're getting a new principal.

Now, I like our new pastor. I wasn't crazy about the VP who became P so I'm ok with her leaving. One of my son's teachers for 7th grade left so I don't know who he is going to have for some of his classes. And I've heard that our Music Director for our church was fired too. I liked her but it's not going to affect my life so I can deal with that one. Maybe they won't expect us to sing at church anymore! Fat chance.

So I'm thinking, this is a lot of change. And I know catholic school are in trouble. There are schools that have closed as of June. There are others that are on the short list. This scares the crap out of me. Then today, my son comes home with a rumor that one of the deacons at the church said that our school could be closing. Ok, now I know it's not going to happen this year because there's a process and we would have been notified. But this scares me! I have 2 kids in this school, grades 6&7. I need this school for 3 years.

I know what you are thinking. Just send them to another school. We can't do that in catholic school. We have to send our kids to where they tell us to send them because they subsidize the high school tuition. It's their rules and to get that $1,1oo. a year sent to my kids high schools, I have to follow the rules or pay it myself. I'm already paying $815 a month for tuition. I can't do anymore.

I know what you are going to say, send them to public school. That's not an option here in Philadelphia. Those schools are a disgrace. They are dangerous and I will not do that to my kids. I know it might seem dramatic but I would be worried too much and it's just not a safe environment to send them into. I'd scrub people's toilets before I would stop paying tuition and send them to public schools.

Part of me is thinking that everyone inside our little school and church knows there is writing on the walls and that's why they are running! Ok, I understand you have to have a job and you need to go to a place where you have security. I get that and I sympathize with that. But what about us poor suckers who don't have other options! I really need to know what the hell is going on over there!

I need this school to stay open for 3 years. Is that asking too much?

I also need to get some Miss Clariol because all this change is affecting my naturally beautiful blond hair. And I wonder where all these "light light hi lights" are coming from.

Change is NOT good!


  1. Oh, Lori.
    Ihis is not good. I hope that the rumors are just that.
    I'll say a prayer that everything works out.. not just for you guys but your school as well :o)

  2. Change sucks. You are so active in their schools and it's just not fair that everything can change around you like that.


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