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Friday, July 3, 2009

Chip off the old block......

My mother always gave me the traditional Mother curse...."I hope you have a daughter just like you." I always hoped it too cause I thought I was pretty damn awesome if I say so myself.

I had 2 sons first and when I got pregnant for the third time, I was on my knees praying for a girl. My prayers were answered. I got my little girl......and she couldn't be more different from me. So much for my mother's magic powers!

My daughter is the apple of my eye, my baby girl. I couldn't love and adore her more. But I just want her to be a little like me. Just a little bit. A little something in her personality that I can say yep, she got that from me.

I always wanted a daughter that loved to read, like me. I loved going to the library. I remember spending many Saturday mornings picking out my next Nancy Drew or Judy Blume. I wanted a daughter to share that with, to buy Nancy Drew books for.

My daughter isn't a big reader. Break my heart why don't ya!

But recently, she's gotten into reading. Don't get me wrong, she would read here and there and she loves going to the library but she likes fact books or how to books. She'll check out a cookbook, and Eyewitness book and an art book just for fun. Once in a while, I can talk her into a chapter book. She will read a Nancy Drew but she's isn't dying to read the next one when she finishes one. The other day at the library she found a series she's really into and I think maybe, just maybe this could be the start of something! It's a series about a girl whose mother is a medium and she's starting to discover her gift too. My kind of book! Not only is she reading my kind of book, she is using a book marker that she got as a prize at the library reading program. She actually said to me "Look Mom, my new book marker even matches the cover of my book!" Maybe there's hope for us yet! Visions of going to the bookstore together and swapping books dance in my head!
Yep, that's my daughter!

Ah yeah, a chip off the old block!


  1. She'll probably get more and more like you Lori as she gets older. You're a great Mom and who better to model herself after.

  2. Cute picture. Love the shirt:o)

    I meant to tell you that our favorite librarian gave M a book that she (the librarian) loved. It's called "Sassy: Little Sister is NOT My Name" by Sharon M. Draper. The first thing that M said was "I have a friend named Sassy." :o)

    You might check if your library has it. She might enjoy it, too.

  3. I agree with Kathy that daughters tend to become more like their mothers as they age. They grow into it. I love this picture of your daughter.

  4. Thanks Karen!!

    I'll have to check for that book, thanks Kathy!

    Thanks too Stacy! I can't wait to print it out and frame it.


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