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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Driving Pet Peeves......

Okay people, what gives! Why do you have to do stupid things when you are operating the largest piece of machinery that you are going to be responsible for ALLLLL day? Would it kill you to pay attention? Maybe not talk to your BFF for a few? Look both ways? Actually do what the big octagon sign says? Is it really that hard for you??

My Peeves:

1. When you are driving, pay attention to those lines on the road. Don't cross them just because you have a phone in your hand and tilt your pretty little head to the side with the phone.

2. Those pretty red octagon shaped signs are for you. You should read and heed them. Pay attention to the traffic coming and if you don't see one of those pretty red signs on their corner, wait. Waiting won't kill you, going just might!

3. I know the girl on the corner has a might fine looking buttocks. I realize that if she is one the right, it's hard to pay attention to the vehicle on the left. But honestly, she's not looking for a 60 yr old man with no hair. Sorry sailor!

4. People who double park right next to a parking space, what is your problem? Are you really that lazy? Or is it just that you can't figure out how to get the rectangle shape into the rectangle hole?

5. And those people who are going to give the parking thing a shot, I strongly recommend putting the phone down cause it's like kinda like hard to turn the wheel with the phone under your one ear and the ciggy dangling from your mouth. Give it a shot sunshine!

6. I'd like to review this one more time. When the little blinky arrow is on the left, you have to turn left and when the little blinky arrow is on the right, you turn right. Maybe if you mark the tops of your hands BEFORE you leave the house, you won't have trouble with which is left and which is right. Good luck with that!

7. Why in the world does anyone have to take 6 small children in a car with them and pile them all into the backseat without seat belts? Where are you going? Do you really not love them that much that you'll just throw them into the back seat with no belts and take that chance?

Okay, I'm done for now. But that doesn't mean I won't be back! I might just be picking up the kids from the mall and that's a whole 'nother driving experience!


  1. Sounds like you've had some fun driving expreiences recently! :)

  2. LOL! Love number 6 Lori. Every kindergardener knows that the left hand forms the letter L when you hold up your index finger and thumb. Another stupid driver thing is texting while driving. My BIL and SIL admitted they do this. @@ Stupid, stupid and more stupid!

  3. That was just during my 10 minute trip dropping my daughter off at her friends house! I stayed in the rest of the day! LOL

  4. Thanks for this, Lori.

    You know i needed a laugh :o)

  5. For me it's the idiots who don't understand how 4 way stop signs work!


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