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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thank you!!!

I can never thank my great friend Karen from for her fabulous graphics! She always makes me the best tags and siggys. She is soooo incredibly talented with her tags and siggys. She made my night tonight with my new little queen up there on my blog! That little girl looks just like me!

Thank you so much Karen! You always make the best gifts for me!

Check out Karen's site where she has grab its all the time. You might find something fabulous for your blog too!


  1. Yeah! It's animated. I'm so glad to see it worked Lori. Woohoo! Thanks for the compliments too. You know how much I love playing around with graphics. Thanks for being one of my victims. ;)

  2. Hey, I'm always here for you! LOL Thank you for everything!!!

  3. Karen's the BEST! She's made most of the graphics on my blog.

    Your little Queen is the perfect addition to your blog, which, by the way, looks so cute!

  4. Thanks Kathy! I was playing last night trying to find the perfect fit. And I'm sure I'll change after I check out those 50 other sites you sent me! LOL


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