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Monday, July 20, 2009

In my little world.....

It's still Sunday! So this counts for Sunday.

And since I'm in a really lousy mood, it would be wise to just go along with me.

The weekend was good but way too fast as usual! Why is it that I'm always wishing my week away just to get to the weekend and then poof, it's gone!

I had a great Saturday out with my oldest son. Both of the other kids went to their friends houses so it was just J & me. He made me do my workout, pushed me when I was dying, but it was good and I felt great. We decided to get out of the house for a few hours and went to.......Barnes & Noble. Where else? But we went to a different one than we usually do. It's a little further and much bigger. We had a good time together and the time spent talking was wonderful. I really love that we have that kind of relationship. He's 15 and he doesn't mind being with mom. We both have friends that don't have those relationships and we see how some of his friends are to their moms. It's a shame, they are missing out really!

I only got a bookmarker, of course. J wound up with a book, a cute lefthanded book, a bookmarker and an owl for his collection. Kind of belated birthday gifts from Mom. Which reminds me, I have to write in the front of his book. I usually write a little something inside when I give him a book. I enjoy it and I think he looks forward to reading what I have to say about him. Hopefully, years from now he'll look back and enjoy those little notes!

That was about it for the excitment on the weekend. The rest was spent relaxing, cleaning up, doing wash, organizing, shopping, and just the basic catching up on things.

And I look forward to this every week!


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  2. I'm sorry you're in a lousy mood. I hope it's nothing too know where I am :o)

    Your B&N trip sounds perfect! You and J have the kind of relationship I have with my J. And, like you, I'm thankful for it every day.

    I don't write in my books like you do, although, I probably should. I love, though, finding a book at a garage sale or thrift store that has an inscription.

    PS...I deleted the first comment because there were way too many spelling!

  3. I hope that my relationship with my kids continues on the path to be like one you have with J and your other kids too Lori. What you wrote about your time with J this weekend was beautiful.


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