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Saturday, July 11, 2009

I could never be in a book club......

I've even thought about starting a book club with a few of the girls I know from different groups at school. I've looked up things on line and saved links another friend sent me about book clubs. I think they sound wonderful, fun and interesting!

I just can't see myself reading a book that "I" really didn't want to read. And I can't see myself having the dedication to it. I'd go to the meeting, I wouldn't miss the social aspect of a book club for anything. I think it would be fun to get together with some friends every week or so. I just think I would get too easily distracted by other books. I'd be reading the book assigned and then something on my hold list would come in from the library and I'm not disciplined enough to put that book that I've been dying for on hold. I'm just not that mature. I'd want to dive into that new book, knowing I only have it for 3 weeks.

Another reason would be that I know I wouldn't like some of the books picked and I'm a baby. I only like to read what I like. Very mature I know. But at least I know I should not join a group that would want to me be mature and read books that just don't interest me. I can hear you now, telling me that if I just tried these books, I would love them. And I'm sure I would BUT, I would want to try them because I wanted to not because I had to. I know it sounds stupid. I read to escape, to get taken away, to fill the boredom and help me relax. If I had to read a serious book, something with a deep subject, that would take away from what I really want the book to do for me.

Basically, it all comes down to the part where I don't like to be told what to do. How mature is that!

Maybe I'll start my own kind of book club. You throw out different books and if anyone wants to read them fine, if not, fine, just come to the meeting, bring a really good appetizer and BAM, you're in my book club!


  1. I like our sorta online book club. You recommend books/authors and we read them and mail them off to each other. My kind of club!

  2. Sign me up. I've never been in a book club for the same exact reasons you mention. Love the concept, love most everything about them ... except having to read a specific book. I don't much fancy being told what to do either, so maybe that's it.

    Glad there's another non-book club chick out there like me!

  3. Here's a funny ... my word verification for the comment above was "quity." Sometimes I swear Blogger does this on purpose.

  4. I'll join your club...but.... :o)

    I LOVE my book clubs!!!

    Yes, sometimes I read books that I don't want to or don't like. Honestly, though, some of the best discussions are books that I didn't like. I've also been pleasently surprised... I have read books that I didn't think I'd like and ended up enjoying them.

    You know, right, that if you lived near me... we'd be in a book club together :o)

  5. Kathy, we'd have a kick ass book/shopping/pocketbook/bookmarker/anything purple/lunch club!


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