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Monday, July 6, 2009

Special moments.....

I'm not a morning person. I work the third shift and I got to bed in the morning. On my nights off, I have a hard time sleeping so I like to sleep in late. When I see the sunrise, I think cool, time to go home. I do not see nor do I want to see the sunrise on the weekends.

That's why when my daugther asked if we could get up early on Sunday morning to see the sunrise, I almost cried. I knew we were going to get to bed late on Saturday night after the fireworks and I knew I was going to have a little trouble sleeping in that strange small bed. I knew I did not want to get out of bed at 5AM to see the sunrise.

But I knew I couldn't let this special moment pass. How could I deprive my daughter of seeing the beautiful sunrise on the beach? You have to experience the sunrise on the beach at least once in your life. It's one thing to see the sunrise over your house or in your area but it's a completely different sunrise when you see it coming up over the ocean. It's just breath taking. And I didn't want to deprive her of a breath taking moment.

When I rolled over and saw the light was starting to come through the window and then noticed the clock said 5:19AM I seriously thought about telling her I slept through it and we missed it. Then I thought about a few things, a few people, and I just thought I need to do this. I really wanted to be there with my daugther and see the sunrise. I wanted to share her first sunrise on the beach with her!

I'm so glad I did!


  1. That picture is truly awe-inspiring.

    You're so correct... there's something special about a sunrise over a beach. J and i saw many of them when we went to Hawaii.

  2. What a wonderful moment spent with your daughter. It's one she will never forget :)

  3. Love the photo but the sentimental stuff with Victoria steals my heart Lori.


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