Illegitimis Non Carborundum

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm back........

from our little mini vacation! We had a great little vacation, perfect weather, did some fun things and the kids were happy! What more can you ask for?

I don't know how, but I managed to only read about 2 pages of my book. We were just too busy and I kept falling asleep every time I opened my book. I even packed my book light thinking I was going to use it every night.

I started reading The King of Lies by John Hart. So far, it's really good. I enjoyed his other book, The Last Child, and figured this one wouldn't disappoint either.

Since we'll be getting back into the school routine this week, I'll be getting back into my reading routine too. Reading to help me fall asleep and reading in the pick up line! Those are the only good things about going back to school!
I'm just not ready for the summer to be over yet!


  1. Glad ya'll had a good last summer fling too Lori. I didn't go into the library today so I didn't get to look for any Hart books there but I'm going to look online later and pre-order one from them. Hopefully they'll have something by him.


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