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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So, on the off chance.....

that the entire library system in Philadelphia is closed, what am I going to do??

Now seriously, I'm not at a loss for books. I have a TBR pile that is just insane. I don't count them because I just don't want to know the numbers. Knowing how many there are scares me!
And there are far worse things than just the libraries closing. People are losing their jobs, their insurance and benefits, their homes!!

This whole budget thing needs to get straightened out and fast. I'd like to see the President tell Mr. Governor that he's not getting a check until his ass gets this crap settled. If I'm overdue by 1 day on my library book, I get a fine but the budget is overdue by 2 months and everyone is still getting their checks, driving their cars and using their health insurance benefits. Meanwhile, half the state is in a panic, don't have jobs, don't have benefits and for crying out loud, don't even have their school books!

But I'm willing to bet that Mr. Rendell will be sitting in that special box he sits in pretending that he's some kind of football expert on Sunday during the Eagles game. Maybe they should let him walk out onto the field! After what we did to Santa Clause one year, he should be very afraid to show his face there.

I just don't understand how so many other states can figure out how to do it and make it work but we can't??? I just don't get it!


  1. I hope something good happens and the library doesn't close there Lori. I say check out as many books as you can and forget to return them. Of course then you'll be breaking the law and of course they'll have the money to chase you down for stolen library books. :(

  2. Good news, I won't have to do any time for crime! The budget is taken care of on that and the libraries will stay open. The police, fire & other city personnel will not lose their jobs!


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