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Monday, August 17, 2009

Stickin' with it.....

How long do you give a book before you throw in the towel?

I've been reading this book, Best Intentions by Emily Listfield. I could have sworn that I read on other book blogs that it was a mystery/suspense book. So I got this book from the library and so far, I'm not feeling the mystery part.

Earlier tonight, I'm out roaming the streets in Blogger world and I come across a blog that has reviewed this book that I'm reading. I decided to stop in and read her review, hoping that one way or another I would get some input on what to do about this book.

I'm glad I did. The blogger gave the book a very good review and filled me in on a little secret. It is a mystery.....the mystery is in the last third of the book.

Okie dokie then......I'm stickin' with it!


  1. My rule is 100 pages or four chapters...if it hasn't sucked me in by's gone. Life's too!

  2. I hate to give up on books but sometimes you just have to. If I can't get into a book by about 50 to 100 pages I usually quit it.

  3. I'm almost done this book and I really am glad I stuck with it. See, once in a while you just have to hang in there with a book. It wasn't that it didn't draw me in but I was waiting for the mystery, I'm too used to them being right in the beginning

  4. I like a book to grab me on the very first page, but will usually give it 25 pages or so before I give up. If a book has gotten rave reviews, I'll give it a little longer to see what everyone is talking about, but that's rare. There are just too many good books out there to waste time on a book that isn't holding your interest.


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