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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The little things......

Today was a really good day! The weather wasn't bad, sunny but not that humid. The kids were all happy, doing their things.

I took V to the library today to pick up a book she had on hold and to get the next book in her series since we are going away this weekend. Nothing like sitting on the deck or the beach reading a good book!

She also got a few magazines while we were there, American Girl and Discovery Girl. Before Dad got home to make dinner, we were sitting at the kitchen table. She was looking through her magazine and I was making my lists for the weekend. That's when V gave me the eyebrow wiggle. Can't say no to that wiggle. "Hey Momma, there's a Mother/Daughter quiz. Wanna take it with me?" Insert another eyebrow wiggle here. So she ran off to get the paper and pencils. The questions were cute and not just silly questions, they required a little thought. V turns to me and says, you probably know me better than I know myself. She's probably right!

We finish the quiz and compare our answers. Funny how they remember certain things! The first question was what is one thing your daughter/mother says all the time. I informed her that it couldn't be any bad words. That's when she broke out the eraser. What about those cute little saying I say all the time?? Of course we knew each others favorite color. And our favorite candy bar. It was so cute seeing how she remembered certain things about me and how I remembered certain things about her. I loved the giggling she did the whole time.

It only lasted 45 minutes but it was the best 45 minutes of my day!


  1. This is the sweetest thing I've read all week. Makes me want to call my mother!

  2. Want the quiz? I might just post it after the weekend for every mom & daughter to take together. It was so cute!

  3. Made me smile when you said she had to break out the eraser when you told her no bad words. *L* Love that mother/daughter time!


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