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Monday, August 30, 2010

Stop the world.....

I wanna get off!

UGH! I can not believe that it's August 30th. I can not believe that the summer is down to 7 days. Where did it go??????

I'm absolutely terrified of this school year. I know that sounds weird but I have 3 reasons.

1. My oldest son is going to be a Junior in high school. That means we need to start thinking about college. He has a roster this year that scares the crap out of me. I know he can do it but I know how much pressure he puts on himself too. I'm scared!

2. My other son is going into 8th grade. That means this is it. His last year in the easy going relaxed friend filled grade school. I remember clearly when he was starting preschool and I asked him if he was excited and he said no, I'll just stay home with you so you don't miss me.

3. My daughter will be starting 7th grade. That's huge for a girl. Big changes are coming up for her both physically and mentally. And that really scares me. Even her uniform for school is changing. She's going to the "older" girls uniform of a skirt and blouse. She tried on her new skirt and then proceeded to show me how to "roll" it up so it gets shorter. That scared me even more!

I need a time machine! I need to go back, I need the world to stop, or at least slow down.

I need a valium and a glass of wine!

I need a do over!

I got a lot done this summer that I wanted to but I didn't do any where near enough! I think I figured it out. Work. Work got in the way of me having a life. Life was so much more relaxed and enjoyable when I didn't work. That's it, it's all work's fault!

Since I can't quit work, I guess I better make the best out of this last week.

Here's to this week.......


  1. Hope you can have a great last week of summer Lori. Ours went by way too fast too and I don't work. I didn't get to do half of what I wanted with my kids either. I kept thinking we'd have time. Makes me think of that old Twilight Zone episode with the guy who loves to read and the end of the world.

  2. Enjoy those last 7 days, Lori!! I still wasn't ready for school this morning, but Starbucks helped me through ... she's good to me.

  3. My favorite season is Fall. I love the cooler weather.


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