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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Morning Meanderings........

I'm sitting here at work at 3:14AM and I'm listening to a radio station that is all news, all the time. I'm waiting to hear if our schools are closed today because yet again, we have snow. It's not a lot of snow and no where near the snow we've had over the past month, but it's very very windy out there which is causing major white-outs. I have these glass windows in part of the roof where I sit and it's just covered in white. But I can see these gusts of snow blowing around, almost spirit like and it's really neat looking.

I'm betting "they" don't announce the school closings for a while because they got such criticism today about closing the schools. There was not a drop of snow on the ground when they closed the schools at 7PM on Wednesday night. So we knew we were closed on Thursday when it was raining but now it's a Snowicane out there and we don't know. I can just picture the higher ups sleeping with little grins on their faces, knowing that they won't have to wake to the alarms, knowing full well that all of us parents are sitting home on pins and needles. Muhahahaha!

Listening to the news can get kind of boring because at 3:20AM, nothing new happens. It's all the information from the day and night before. Yesterday, at this time, there were 3 families who had no idea of how incredibly horrible their lives were about to become. That's because they had no idea that their 3 daughters would go to school in the morning but at some point during that morning, they would leave school. After they snuck out of school, they went down to the train tracks and while one friend watched, her two friends were killed by a train. All the girls were 15 year old sophomores in high school, just like my son. No one knows why they decided to cut school, no one knows how they went unnoticed. But let's be serious, can't be the first time they did it. And just a few weeks ago, there were 3 kids that were also killed on a train track so you would think that if they were going to cut classes, they wouldn't go and do something so stupid like play on train tracks where they know the trains are running. You see it on the news and then you decide to go and hang out in the same type of place? I'm guessing there's more to the story than we'll ever know. Oh what a difference a day makes.

Kind of makes you think. Makes you realize that you never know, it's not just a cliche, life is precious, a gift. You give your kids an extra hug and kiss, don't let them leave for school without knowing that you love them, even if they ticked you off the night before.

I'm guilty many mornings of being the ticked off mom because someone didn't get something signed the night before, or didn't check for their gym uniform, or can't find some piece of their uniform again, asking me where it could be. And I'm sure I'll have more mornings that I'm ticked off but I hope that I'll step back before the kids leave and make sure that they know that I love them, that I'm not mad or that it was just a few minutes of insanity and that they mean more to me than anything in the world!

And now it's 3:42AM, still no word on school closings. Hopefully, when I get home safe and sound, I'll peek in on my stinkers and be able to let them sleep in.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hope the snowicane isn't so bad Lori as what ya'll already went through with the blizzard.


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