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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This week's read.....

I figured I'd throw in a few extra posts since I've missed a few months of blogging.

I have been reading even when I was busy. I have all the books that I've read written in my day planner and on my Facebook page. I couldn't get to sleep in the morning when I come home from work if I could read myself to sleep.

This week I'm reading Brava, Valentine by Adriana Trigiani. And I'm loving it! I really like Trigiani's books and was so happy when I heard that Very Valentine was going to be a series. I was a little late in finding out that Brava Valentine was coming out so I quick put it on reserve at the library. I think I was 6th in line for the regular copy and 3rd for the large print. Then one day, I took my oldest to a few of our local branches of the library. We have so many branches close to us that we can just drive around to find what books we need at which branch. Since he was looking for a certain book and had others to pick up, we were on a branch hopping mission. The last branch we went to was the one that is right around the corner from my house. He was looking for his book and I walked around the counter............and there it was. Sitting on display was Brava, Valentine, right in front of me. I grabbed it so fast. I have no idea of why that book wasn't in the system being passed to the people on the list before me but I wasn't going to ask why. I grabbed it and checked out ASAP. I even had the librarian remove me from the waiting list so that someone else would get the thrill of moving up in the ranks.

I love this series! I love the characters. I love the whole Italy/Italian thing. Deep inside I'm an Italian wanna be. I dream about going to Italy one day. I'm going to be an old lady when I get to go with some church group, but that's okay with me. I'm getting there somehow. So in the meantime, I love reading this series about the lifestyle and Italy.

I'd be done this book already if reading didn't put me to sleep. Part of me is dying to just tear through it and part of me is trying to savor the book.

I think I'll finish up, clean up at work and sit back and read a few more pages before my relief comes in!

Happy Reading!!


  1. Brava, Valentine was just waiting for you! It was book!
    I'm on the list but I'll probably buy it with the birthday GC. I did buy Very Valentine so I'll have the series.

  2. Check out my blog. I have an award for you!


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