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Friday, May 22, 2009

Fantastic Friday.....

in the kingdom today! I slept till 12 since the kids had off and I was able to come right home from work and crawl into bed this morning. I took Greg to a friends house and then Victoria, her friend Jess, Jerry and I went to the mall for some clothes shopping. Jerry found some great new outfits for his date tomorrow night! Victoria found 2 cute shirts at Aero! The girls had a blast walking around and Jerry and I had a really nice lunch together.

And what made it even more perfect???

Finding a brand new LAVENDER day planner in B&N. I couldn't wait to get home and play with it! It fits all my tabs and pages from my old one and it's purple. I mean, it's perfect!

Yeah, I'm a dork. But I'm a happy dork!

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  1. LOL, sounds like a wondorkful weekend for you Lori. Couldn't resist! :)


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