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Friday, May 22, 2009

Library junkie.....

I love libraries! I'm so lucky that where I live I can get to at least 10 different branches of our library. I can go to a different one every time just to see what it's like and each branch that I go to has different things that I love about it.

But 2 weeks ago, I went for a ride with my husband. He's doing work on this old house in a historical area of this city that is about 20 minutes from us called Bristol. He's been telling me that I need to go out there with him just to enjoy the view. The people whose house he is working on live in Colorado part time and they are there so the house is unoccupied right now. So, we went. As we are driving on the main street of this little historical area, I notice these houses. They are the kind of houses you imagine being in Savannah, Georgia or North & South Carolina. They are just beautiful and old.

And then I see it! Right in the middle of the block.........the Bristol Library. Now, it looks modern and kind of small. But that's ok. Victoria and I decide to take a walk to the library. We get there and here, you have to go into the library and then go down. Going down makes it 10 times bigger than it looks from the street. This library is actually along the river and there is a huge glass wall on one side of the library. You can grab a book, find an awesome comfy chair and look out this glass wall at the river while you browse through your book or magazine. It was incredible!

I had library envy! I was in heaven!

So when I was at one of my libraries this week, I asked my librarian about using other libraries. She informed me that you can use your Philadelphia library card and borrow books at another library through this borrowing program they have.

I can't even begin to tell you how happy that made me! I could go there, browse the shelves, relax with a book in a huge comfy chair, gaze out at the river and not feel like I'm intruding there. And then I could check that book out and take it home. Then, I'd have to return it! TO THAT LIBRARY!

To me, that is a little slice of heaven!


  1. Very nice! Our library card only works in our county. BUT, you can return your books at any location.

  2. You lucky girl. That sounds like a wonderful library. Our library works like Cyndy's does.

  3. Wow...ten libraries. That would definitely be heaven, IMO. We probably have ten in our county system but I only have three anywhere close to me. Of those, we generally only go to one. Our favorite librarian, Allison, works at it. She and Jhave the same YA scifi/fantasy taste so she's always recommending great books for him. She will even put books on hold for him that we don't know about until we pick up our holds :o) J loves the surprise.


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