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Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's finally over.....

it's been a really insane week around the kingdom! I don't know why these schools can't just keep these kids all day like I pay them to. One kid goes in at 9AM and the others get out at noon. Some thing's wrong there! Did we have schedules like that, I don't think so!

But the craziness is coming to an end and I'm going to enjoy a nice, long, relaxing, all about me weekend! I'm off on Thursday night because the Mothers Assoc. is being treated to a night out! We're going to dinner and a play with the President of the school. What a treat and I'm really looking forward to it. It's also going to be the last night for some of the senior moms so we'll be giving them a nice goodbye. I'm sure we'll see them during the year. Once we have your number, you can't hide!

The kids can't wait for Friday. First, it's Spirit Day at the school so it's a free lunch and a day of games. Then sometime during the day, their new cell phones should be arriving. They had to be ordered from the website so we could use our upgrades or something like that. I don't know, all that stuff isn't my department. Gotta give hubby some jobs or he feels useless.

In the spirit of Kathy over at, I'm sporting a new pocketbook! I bought my new D&G a few weeks back but never got around to using it. Of course it's purple like all my bags are and it's big but never really big enough for me. I'm a big bag kind of girl! But I'm liking it and it looks good!

I started a new book and a new author for me. I'm reading Bone by Bone by Carol O'Connell. So far I'm really liking this one. It's a mystery/suspense genre which I love. I'm waiting for a few others to come in from the library too. Last night I found out the title to a new book by a favorite author that is coming out in July and I was smart enough to go right to the library site to reserve it! I'm #1 on the list!! It's the new Karin Slaughter book that is titled Undone and it's due out in July. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm also patiently waiting for The Lost Hours by Karen White to come in at the library. I really need to pick up on my reading again. I was doing so good there for a while but now that I have my new notebook, I'm getting caught up on all my shows I was missing.

Speaking of shows, The Bachlorette is my guilty little pre-summer pleasure. I look forward to coming to work on Tuesday nights so I can catch Monday's episode on line. Where in the world do they find some of these guys and why are so many people amazed that they are still single? LOL I really wonder what some of them think when they watch the show after it's all over. Do they watch themselves and think "I'm an ass." Or do they not see it? Go figure!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Post a picture of the purse!!! How's that for alliteration :o)

    Your night sounds fun! I have book club tonight...must be a good night to go out with the girls!

    You're not the only one who watches The Bachelorette. It's trainwreck TV at it's finest and I'm there every Monday night :o) This one looks especially "wrecky" it!

  2. The "wrecky" the better! I would kill for her car though! That thing is just awesome!


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