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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big sigh of relief.......

I had a Moms Association meeting on Monday night and quite frankly, I wasn't looking forward to it.

This will be my second year as President of the Association and after sitting back for a year and letting things continue the way they "always did it", I realized it wasn't working. It's hard to come in your first year, shake things up and expect people to just love ya! So I slowly tried to make some changes. Most of the girls were on board and you always have the few that just don't like change. Oh well, change is a comin'!

Surprisingly, there were no fights, no tears, no storming off, no hurt feelings and nobody mad at me! Ta-da! It can be done. And I really think the changes are going to be good for the organization. With a little luck, attendance numbers will increase and I'll be able to come back a year from now and say I did it. Crossing my fingers!!!

My disappointment for the day was my trip to the library. I have 4 books on reserve. Two of the four aren't released yet so I'm waiting. The other two were supposed to be at the library on the shelves just waiting for someone to come and get them or a librarian to pull them off the shelf and send it on it's way to me. Neither happened! The one library was closed since it was open on the weekend. I hate these damn budget cuts!! Really messes up my library time! Then the second library did not have the book on any shelf in that entire library. I thought maybe I got lucky and they had pulled it already but no, nope, nada! So now I have to wait!

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have nothing to read while I wait. It's just the disappointment of thinking you are getting two new books and then nothing!

I did have a little good luck today though. When I got to work, I found a copy of Money To Burn by James Grippando on the give away shelf. So now I'm a little happier!!


  1. Good for you shaking things up at the Moms Association!

    I'm like you... even though I have tons to read, I get a little diappointed if my holds are messed up!

  2. Glad the Mom's Association is working out better for you this year Lori. Sometimes things need to be shaken up or they'll stagnate. Too bad about the books at the library. Hopefully they'll be back soon for you to get.


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