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Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a game..........

some may say that. And I get that. But I'm still bummed.

My guys were supposed to win Lord Stanley's Cup.

It was meant to be. It was time. It was our turn.

I mean seriously, when there is a season where the Pittsburgh Penguins (blech) and the Washington Capitals (blech again) are knocked out of the playoffs, but the Philadelphia Flyers amaze and astound hockey peeps around the globe, when we make history over and over by amazing, dazzling and coming back, that's the season that we DESERVE IT!!!!

I'm damn proud of my team! They kept me on the edge of my seat, the gave me goosebumps, they made my stomach do flips, the made my heart race, they rocked my world!!!!

And we'll be back.......WITH A VENGEANCE!!! GO FLYERS!!!


  1. I thought about you when I saw the outcome :(

    I'm not a hockey fan so much but I'll be there with you... GO FLYERS!!!

  2. Hopping by!
    I was hoping the Flyers would win, just do the Maple Leafs wouldn't become the team with the longest Stanley Cup drought. (I'm not a hockey fan, but shh...we don't admit that up here in Canada.) Oh well!


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  4. Visiting for the blog hop :) Love your blog.

  5. OMG! I love your posts! You just make me smile. I spend so much time re-writing my posts so I don't sound sarcatic it's shocking...
    I saw you at the hop & will follow!!
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  6. Just "hopping" by to say HI! Looking forward to reading your reviews :D

    Have a great weekend!

    Vanessa :D
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  7. Stopping by on the Hop. My Hop is here.

    Happy Friday. :)

    From the Shadows

  8. I stopped by on the blog hop; wow, kids, job, husband, volunteering, and you have time to write a blog! I'm becoming a follower out of respect;)

  9. Hey Lori! Was missing your blog and am so glad to see that you're back. (I'm a little belated in catching up - sorry!) Hope all is well with you. I know, quite the disappointment about our Flyers, isn't it?

  10. Wow! Glad I found you on the Crazy For Books Blog Hop. Love your blog.


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