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Monday, June 14, 2010

Morning Meanderings......

Good morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend! I did but as usual, not long enough and nowhere near enough me time!

I'm still reading the same book. I know, I have to get a move on it. There's no way this book should be taking me so long but it just seems like I don't have enough reading time. I've actually trained myself to fall asleep in the mornings, when I go to bed, by reading. So of course, whenever I crack that book open, my eyes are drooping by the third page. But I'm still enjoying The Girl on Legare Street by Karen White. This is the second book in a series Karen White started and I really enjoyed the first book, The House on Tradd Street.

I read to escape, so I usually don't read anything "heavy" or "deep" because I just want to curl up, enjoy and forget that there is a world out there with real problems, real tragedies and real drama!

Heaven knows that recently, I've heard of a few horrible real life tragedies. My one son has a friend whose mother is in the hospital. Our boys are only 13 years old. J's mom is not doing well and he told one of the friends that his mom is close to dying. I think she might be from the bits and pieces that I'm hearing. We had heard that she was "waiting for a new liver" but then we heard that she didn't get on the list due to some health issues. Now she's in the hospital again because she had a surgery and didn't do well. It took her a week to come out of the anesthesia from this surgery. I don't know what's up with that. Last night I heard that she's "back on the breathing machine", which to me, that means she's back on the vent and not breathing well on her own. I'm not a nurse but I work in a hospital and you know when you hear certain things, certain things aren't good. All this going on with J just breaks my heart. Kids losing their parents is just so wrong, so hard. I know it's worse the other way around, but it just stinks that this has to happen at all.

And on to a happier note, this is the last week of school for my kids. My oldest has some really short schedules on Monday & Wednesday. Then he is done school for the year. He will officially be a Junior in high school. Would someone please let me know how THAT happened?? I still remember that first day of Freshman year when I dropped him off and cried all the way home. I was driving too. Good thing we only live about 5 minutes from school.

My other son and daughter have half days all this week which is just wonderful for my sleep time! Nothing worse than getting 3 hours of sleep, then getting up to drive, then hurrying home so you can crawl back into bed. They will officially be 7th & 8th graders next year! SERIOUSLY???? Hurts to say it! I really do remember them going to kindergarten just like it was yesterday.

But I'm looking forward to the relaxing time of summer! No schedules, no alarm clocks, no club meetings, no driving back up to school for forgotten books. Nothing but sun, fun and enjoying the fact that I'm there, with my babies, enjoying every second, even if it gets a little crazy!

And maybe, just maybe, a little more reading time on my deck!


  1. I won't even go into my feelings that J will be a Frehman and M will be in 7th grade... ack!
    I love the long, lazy days of summer, too!

  2. I don't even want to think about high school for Nicky yet. He's 8th and Jessie 6th grades this next year and its bad enough both of them being in middle school already. I miss them being little but really enjoy them being this age too. Can't win right?


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