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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Morning thoughts.......

I'm actually writing this to help myself stay awake. I'm exhausted today and can't wait to go home and crawl right into bed!

The two younger kids are off from school today and the husband said he'll get up with the oldest and take him in, then head to work. That means I actually get to go home, get in my bed and sleep. For how long......that is the question!

My daughter had 3 friends sleepover last night. They are forming a club on Tuesday nights to get together and watch some show together that they all like. They thought it would be cool to take turns having a sleepover on Tuesdays and watch the shows together. Even cooler that we got to be the first house this little "club" took place at. Who else is betting that we are the ONLY house to host this wonderful club??? Ah, guess we'll wait and see. Hey, at least I got to be the cool mom on this one!

My oldest son kicked some serious butt this year in high school. He's an honors student and is ranked #19 in his class. Yes, I brag about this..... A LOT. Wanna know why? Cause his mother wasn't the smartest girl in her class of 525. She ranked somewhere in the lower 400s-to the higher 500s. Yeah, should have studied harder and paid less attention to the boys. Oh if only we got to do it all over again!!

So yeah, I'm pretty damn proud that my son is that smart. I think I had it in me the whole time and since I never used it, God allowed me to pass it on. The boy can thank me later, when he lets me live with him and his lovely wife.

I'm dying to see what his ranking is for this semester since he went up in every subject. Hey, J, you aced Sophomore year of high school......what are you going to do now??? I'm going to Disney World!

Yep, the kid is going to Disney World. Remember when your friend took you to the park with them or to a movie? Well, my son makes a friend who is going to Disney since they have a vacation place down there and he gets to take a friend with him.

Boy did that kid step in it or what???

He leaves on Sunday and will be gone for 10 days. J wasn't one of those kids who slept over people's houses or went away with friends. He was a homebody. He liked to go visit but never stayed long. This is the first time in 15 years that he has been "away" from us. He actually feels bad going to Disney without us. I told him that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and he should run like the wind!!

Meanwhile, I'll be back at home practicing my deep breathing and pretending that I don't have control issues and am perfectly fine letting him go out in that big old world, spending money and not checking with me first.

Guess it will be a little mini practice for when the big "C" comes into play. I can barely face that he's going to be a J....Jun....Junior in high school, let alone go to c....col....colle...forget it!
Now I need a couple of tylenol before I hit the sack! Nite Nite!


  1. Lori, thanks! My son, who just graduated from 6th grade decided that this year he's going to camp. WHAT!?!? He expects me to drop him off on a sunday afternoon and not see him until the following saturday. He's never been away from me for more than about 30 hours. They only place he's ever spent the night was at grandparents or uncles. What was he thinking?
    Now he doesn't want me to tuck him in anymore either! Grr. I am so not ready for all of this.
    Anyway - all that to say - You are so not alone. I truly feel for you!!
    (Don't even think about the C word. I told him there were plenty close by so he won't have to move... & I can still tuck him in every night)

  2. J is going to have so much fun. I bet he'll bring you back a great souvenier Lori. Nicky has the homebody gene too and has never stayed anywhere but with family. Oh except for his Sea World trip last month that is and that was only overnight. Jessie has spent a couple of nights across the street but that's it for her. I don't know what I'll do when they actually start going to their friends houses more.

  3. Yes, breathe deeply, meditate, and remember what a good mom you are - all is well.

  4. Gina, do they just not get that we signed up to be mommys to little kids....they did not discuss this growing up thing with us. I never would have agreed to it!!


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