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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A ridiculously good day...

And seriously, it's ridiculous to have a good day like I did, to come to the end of your day and think, damn that was good.

And what would a day consist of that made you feel that way? Well, first it would consist of coming home from work at 6AM, going right to sleep and not waking up till 2PM. I think I needed some sleep. It's been a little stressful these last few weeks and I just needed to unwind. Worked like a charm!

Then I got up and it was gorgeous out! Open the windows and doors gorgeous! NO A/C on in the house! My daughter cleaned out her closet and drawers, without being told to. Okay, there are about 8 bags of clothes in the hallway but that's okay because I might have found someone to give them all too. I hate just getting rid of stuff that looks brand new. I always hear about someone who could need them AFTER I get rid of them. So I'm working on a few people. Otherwise, we are unloading a huge load when we go to the Goodwill Store.

I had a great time just sitting around and talking with my son Greg for a little while and that made me so happy! He's been going through a lot of things these last few weeks and didn't really have a great beginning of summer. One of his best friend's mom died very suddenly and it shook all the kids up some. He's worried about his friend and I'm really proud of the way he's been there for Jimmy, really giving him a shoulder to cry on so to speak! So we had a nice little talk this morning that consisted of actually words, more so than grunts and groans! Loved it!

Then I finally got moving and cleaned up a lot of things in the house that just really needed to be cleaned. I got Victoria to give me a hand with a lot of it so now she really feels like she earned all that cash I have been giving her when she goes to the mall or movies. I didn't want her to feel like a free loader for her entire adolescence. She made a small dent in her debt to me! Greg was outside with friends instead of being in my basement playing video games with everyone, which freed up the rooms for me to get some laundry done and some cleaning up of crap done! Yes, those piles in the hallway are gone! Nothing to trip over now when I'm carrying baskets of laundry up and down. Why did I not think of this sooner!!

My oldest son is on his way home from his trip to Disney World! I can't not wait to see this child!! I've already explained to him that I'm going to be cleaning out the garage and basement, then renovating it into a little apartment for him because I had a really hard time with him being gone for 10 days. College is just going to send me over the edge. I'll be walking the streets with my shopping cart, looking for thrown away change and mumbling weird things while petting my cats. Good thing college is two years away, it'll give me more time to get more cats!

Then on top of it all, I remembered that I didn't watch this week's episode of The Bachelorette, which means I can watch it in work tonight! Oh let me tell you, in the wee hours of the morning, The Bachelorette is riveting TV that keeps you from losing your mind! Sometimes at 3AM, you just feel like pulling your eyelashes out, that's how bored you can get.

And then the cherry on my sundae....I found out that my favorite goalie for the Philadelphia Flyers just signed a 2 year contract! Oh yeah, I love my Fly Guys and it makes me so stinkin' happy that Leighton is staying on.

Now, to go kick back, enjoy my roll and salad and read my book!

That, my friends, is a really damn good day, with a perfect ending!


  1. It's about time you had a good day Lori. I hope you get an even better one tomorrow. I smiled a lot reading your post. A good sleep always does the trick for me too.

  2. Wow! That was really a great day. You definitely deserve it!
    M had the same idea as V... she cleaned out her closets! We didn't have quite as much as you did but... it's a start.
    I'm happy you're enjoying The Bachelorette. I've given up on it... not sure why, though.

  3. Oh that is my guilty pleasure show! Keeps me entertained at work and the drama! The message boards crack me up because people really believe in this stuff. I just love the entertainment of it all!


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