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Monday, June 14, 2010

On a lighter note......

I spent most of my Sunday night at work looking around the blogger world.

It took hours!

I still am trying to figure things out. I'm getting there. I found a few old blog friends that I used to follow but somehow they weren't there anymore. It happened with 3 different blogs. I don't know, maybe I clicked something one of those times I was clicking things.

It's driving me crazy that my "Followers" has the number 22 there but I can only find 20 followers. More blogging gremlins out there than I thought!

My list of blogs that I'm reading is growing, which is cool. But my actual reading time has suffered a little. I really need to figure out how everyone is reading so many blogs, updating and then knocking a few books out a week. Anyone out there sleeping???

I'm already getting back into that old habit of thinking about something and then thinking I should jot that down so I can blog about it later. The family is going to think I'm nuts walking around with a little notepad again.

So as my summer countdown begins, the new ideas are flowing and the blogging might just get a little more creative.
At least that's what I'm hoping for!


  1. I have the worst time with that! I get these terrific blog ideas that I can't remember by the time I get back. Grr. I'm pretty witty when I'm not trying - then I get in front of the pc and there it goes...

    I loving following others blogs but it does take a lot of time! TO cut it down I view everything in Google Reader. Then when I want to comment on something I can just click the heading. It really keeps me from spending HOURS online. Now, I spend about an hour a day (Fridays tend to be a bit more because everyone posts for the hop) just reading through blogs.

  2. I have a ton of blogs I am subscribed to, following, subscribed to RSS, you name it, but I hardly ever get to sit down and catch up on them all.


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