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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Peeve....

and I mean little. But I don't get jelly beans. Why are there jelly beans that are all different colors but they all taste the same. I think if they are orange, they should have the orange flavor, purple should be grape flavored and so on. I know they have both kinds but if you are going to make some that are all the same flavor/taste why not make them all the same color.

I just like my jelly beans to have the same flavor as the color suggests. So there!

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  1. That's why when I get jelly beans I buy jellybelly jelly beans. The popcorn flavor is the color of buttered popcorn. Chocolate pudding flavor is chocolate brown. Tangerine is tangerine and so on. LOL. They're the only jelly beans I'll eat. When I was pregnant with J we lived in a very small town so they had me eat the nasty kind of jelly beans for my sugar test. Yuck! I begged them not to give me the licorice flavor so I didn't have to eat that flavor at least.


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