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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's a good day?

A good day is when you walk into Fashion Bug and find the perfect shirt and accessories that you want to wear to the Mother Son Dance on Saturday night! What makes it an even better day.....the shirt being PUPRLE of course! There's nothing like some purple necklaces and big earrings to go with it.

Add that to the Flyers winning, catching up with some old friends and finishing a good book and you have a Perfecta!

Now if I could just get it to be a little warmer here!


  1. Purple perfection! We need warmer weather here, too. It's freaking freezing!

  2. Sorry, girlies! It's been in the mid 70s here since Monday :o) know I love purple, too but big purple earrings are the BEST!!!

    Enjoy the new Picoult. Even though we don't agree on that, I know you love, as much as I do, the feeling of starting a new book. I just received an email that a book Im waiting for is ready at the library.:::happy dance:::

  3. Go you purple fiend! I bet you're going to look great. I ordered the new Picoult but they're sold out. Story of my life. LOL.


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