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Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend wrap up.....

These weekends go way too fast!

Friday night was boring, just hung out at home. Greg had friends over after school to play hockey and those boys were here till around 9. Then they all decided to sleepover another boys house. These sleepovers kill Greg. He spent the whole day with the boys on Saturday and we picked him up around 7P. He was exhausted, showered and went right to bed. So of course, by Sunday, he's exhausted and doesn't want to really do anything. Guess it's fun if you're 12!

Saturday was kind of slow too. Victoria went out with Katie, Greg was with the boys and Jerry had 2 friends over. Jerry's friends had to leave by 7:30 and I think by that point they had enough of video games. I told him next week they need to leave the house and get out for some fun! I think they're going to the school dance.

On Sunday, we got up early to go to mass. I hate getting up early on Sundays. We need to get back to going to the 4:30 on Saturdays. After mass we headed to BJs and a few other stores. Victoria wanted to start looking for party decorations for her birthday party.

We're not sure when the party is going to be. She wants to have it outside so I think we should wait till April. I think I've talked her into it. We went to a few dollar stores today and found some decorations and paper to print the invitations. We're going with a luau/beach theme. We found some really cute things at the Dollar Tree. One of the stores even had a grass skirt for her. This should be a fun party!

Tonight work has been a little busy and I've been catching up on some shows between phone calls.

Monday should be interesting. We have an Executive Board meeting for the Mother's Association. This is the meeting where we nominate officers for next year. Now, I volunteered last month thinking hey why not get all the way involved. No one else seemed to be willing to throw their hat in so I'm interested to see how this meeting goes. I wonder if anyone else is going to volunteer to be an officer. I was thinking I would go for Secretary or Vice President. But so far, no one has put their name in for President. I'm a little scared! I didn't want to start at the top. I just wanted to work my way up to there. LOL I guess we'll see how things go tomorrow and see who I can talk into walking into this fire with me. Wish me luck!!

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