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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting on the ball.....

I've neglected my blog for a few days, not good! That's what happens when you spend time with the family!

Our Easter weekend was wonderful! We were going to head to the shore for Saturday but that forecast just looked awful. I had a very pouty 11 yr old girl on my hands all day Friday. So I came up with a Plan B that rocked her world. See, I don't really like to cook or bake. I mean, it's ok but not one of the things I look forward to doing. I'd rather go to the mall. But Sassy, she's loves to bake. So being the Super Mom that I am, I gave her PLAN B. Baking those chocolate chip cookies that she's been bugging me to make with her. First we had to take a trip to the mall because heaven forbid we miss a sale at Aero or American Eagle. That killed a few hours and then we came home to bake cookies!

Luckily, Sunday turned out to be a better day weather wise. We went to 10:30 mass which was packed with Submarine Catholics and then we headed to the shore. What a great day! The kids had a blast on the boards and the beach. They even went on some rides, had our Mack pizza fix and played some football on the beach. We collected shells and just had a really great day together! Even with the winds, it was a blast! And one of the best, according to the kids, was the McDonald's for Easter dinner! How's that for a great day!

I had off on Sunday night which made the weekend complete! Monday was just a day to catch up around the house.

I even managed to finish my book on the weekend and start a new one on Sunday night. I'm reading The Memory of Water by Karen White. It's really pretty good and I'm only on Chapter 4. I really like this author and recommend her if anyone is looking for someone new.

Of course, now it's back to the swing of the work week. Can't complain though, that's when I do most of my reading!

Have a wonderful week!

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