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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My other passion.....

after reading would have to be shopping! And I've been totally fulfilling my passions this week! Sunday we went to the big outdoor flea market and I found a new purple pocketbook for myself. That just made my day! Sassy is the one that actually made out the best this weekend. She got some new clothes, a bathing suit, a pocketbook and shoes! It was a good weekend for her! I could just shop forever for her. There's just way too many cool girl clothes, shoes and accessories out there! If I was rich, I'd go broke!

One of my other passions would be my favorite shows! And a few of them are killing me this week. I'm a little behind on a few shows because I've been really busy reading some great books. I got caught up on one of my all time favorite shows, House, and I was really shocked! Usually, you hear when there's going to be a big bang on one of the shows but I didn't hear anything about House this week. It was a killer bang!!! ER ended too! It was a great series finale but I can't believe they are ending it. They could have kept going for a few more years with some great new characters and storylines. I'm disappointed they didn't go for it! Now I have to get caught up on Life On Mars, Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives and a few of the sitcoms. I need to find a good series to get into for the summer too. Time to browse Netflix!

As for that other favorite passion on mine, books.....I have some great ones on my nightstand. I really enjoyed The Color of Light by Karen White. I just started The Bay at Midnight by Diane Chamberlain. I've got a few more books by each author and a few good holds coming from the library. I keep checking every day to see if they are in! I can't wait to get them!


  1. I suggest NCIS for your series this summer. Go back and start over with season one. Plus, Mark Harmon is yummy to look at.

  2. Oh I already watch that one and love it. I love Tony! He was in a soap years ago that I watched and I've always had a little thing for him.


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