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Monday, June 29, 2009


Sometimes it takes something so little to make you realize how lucky and blessed you are. We tend to take for granted the simple things, the little things, the every day things. Sometimes you really do have to take a step back. Even though there are so many things that make us crazy, tired, worn out, we really do need to step back and appreciate the fact that we are able to enjoy some every day mundane things.

My 12 yr old son has a good friend named Jim. Jim's mother is waiting for a liver. This time last year, Jimmy wasn't around at all because they were forever down the shore at their house they have down there. Lucky them! Now this year, they are tied to the house because his mother can't even walk up and down steps let alone go away for a weekend or even a day. She can't take long car rides and she can't be too far in case she gets that call.
I think it's really hard for this 12 yr old boy to have to go through this. I know it's hard on his mother and the rest of his family but I can't imagine what thoughts and fears are going through his head. I just wish a liver would become available for her.
Think about being a donor. Just take that one little step that might make a huge difference to a family, to a 12 yr old boy, to a child, to a mother, to a daddy, to someone who just really needs your help!


  1. Chris and I both agreed to be organ donors on our licenses. It's that easy. A single liver can save 2 people because its the only organ that regenerates.

  2. I will have an award for you posted on my blog shortly. Check it out!

  3. Great post, Lori!

    Prayers for Jim, his mother and everyone who loves them.

    We are both organ donors so was my Dad. Although, the chemo made some organs not acceptable for donation, they were able to use some things. That gives us some peace and joy knowing he lives on...:*)

  4. We have a patient that just came in and I happened to notice in her paperwork that she is not an organ donor. And I thought, how can you NOT be an organ donor?? YOU WON'T NEED THEM ANY MORE! How could you deny someone a chance at life?
    I'm going to post about this too, it's funny that you did because this topic has been on my mind. I'm going to link to your post.

  5. Here from DysFUNctional Mom. Just wanted to say that I hope Jim's mom gets that liver. My Dad received a new heart 6 years ago so I'm all too familiar with how long and frustrating the wait can be.


  6. Thanks for shring this. Puts the small things in perspective, no?


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