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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just what I needed.....

Friday night we were sitting at home doing nothing and out of nowhere, my husband says we should go down the shore tomorrow. We were half thinking about going right then and there but I realized I needed to wash a few things that we would need. So we decided to get up early on Saturday and get moving. That's when my husband went up to bed. That's when I started the wash. That was around 10PM. So, at 2AM when I'm all finished and he's been snoring without missing a beat, we are officially ready to go. The alarm is set for 6:30AM. This should be fun!

Actually, it wasn't bad. I'm used to not getting more than 5 hours a sleep a day with my crazy shift so it wasn't a big deal. I got everything ready to go and we were on the road with my 3 kids and our niece to keep my daughter happy, all by 9AM.

The beach was gorgeous! Nice breeze, not too hot and not too crowded. There were even a few big dark clouds that brought some shade which I loved! We had a little drizzle but that didn't stop anyone. We left the beach for a little bit to have Mack & Manco pizza since you can't go to the Jersey shore and not have it. Then we went back on the beach for a little while. I took a bunch of pictures, read my book and just relaxed. After a bit of a stressful week, it was just what the doctor ordered. I'm such a good doctor to myself!

Here's my oldest son catching a wave on his boogieboard!

And my daughter enjoying the beach!

We hit the boardwalk at night so the kids could go on the rides. We bought tickets at half price back on Easter weekend. Good heavens that boardwalk was crowded. And the strollers. More coaches, strollers and wagons than I remember there being when my kids were in them. Seeing all the kids on those little rides that just go around and around reminded me so much of when my kids were younger. Made me realize those were some of the best days! Not that I don't love and enjoy my kids now, but the looks of excitement on their faces when we would go on the boardwalk and rides were priceless. You don't get to see those looks anymore. They get excited and happy, but it's not the same, it's not that "look". I miss it.

Oh how I miss it.


  1. I know *the look you mean. I miss it too. I love that gorgeous picture of the boardwalk Lori. I may have to play with it sometime.

  2. M and I were laughing at V's picture... TOO cute!!

    What a great weekend you had. Those spur-of-the-moment trips have a way of becoming the best ones!

    Our weekend was (mostly) great. We spent time with family...most of whom I love. One...not so much!

  3. LOL Kathy, know that feeling too! Hope you have a better one soon!


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