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Saturday, June 6, 2009

One Sensational Saturday!

I had such a good day, I feel guilty!

Well, not really.

This morning my husband got up at the ungodly hour of 5:30AM to leave for Vermont. He was going to get a machine that he bought for his shop. We're hoping this works well and takes off for him. It could really jump start his business again and hopefully open some new doors. Everything I own is crossed!!

So after I got up with him for a little bit and said goodbye, I went back to bed around 7AM. I woke up at 9:30 and decided to get moving. Greg had a bday pool party to go to so I dropped him off and Jerry, Victoria and I headed to the mall. I had GCs to burn and I was determined to have fun spending them. I wasn't in the door of B&N for 2 seconds when Jerry pointed it out to me. I knew I had to have it. I must be the only one who doesn't buy books at B&N. I like getting my books from the library. We all know I have an library fetish. So what do you buy if you won't buy books? You buy an Elevated Lighted Lapdesk to read on. Yep, that's what you do. And this lapdesk is the perfect size for my notebook computer. Oh sweet, I'm in love! I grabbed that baby on the way out of the mall.

We met my friend Lisa and her 2 daughters J & K. J and Victoria go to school together and are very good friends so they were off and being all girly in the mall. Jerry went off on his own for a little bit. Lisa, Kelly and I went shopping. We stopped in New York & Company and that's when my world lit up! They had some purple pocketbooks. Now we all know purple pocketbooks are my other obsession! I'm looking around and find two pocketbooks. Normally, I would have to chose but when they are having a 60% off sale, you just don't have to do that! So I get the 2 and on the way out, K finds another purple one! Now, do I? Should I? Hey, I have birthday money. I'm going for it! I also notice a few wallets, little change purses and this really cool dark purple cell phone case. Yeah, the case was 60% off too. Goodbye birthday money......hello happy birthday girl!!

We had a really nice lunch at the food court with the kids. We hit Claire's where I found this really cute cell phone holder that I wanted for my desk and of course Victoria found some lip gloss. Then we took our other gift card to B&BW and had some fun in there. I got some Cucumber Melon shower gel and lotion. Victoria got some Warm Vanilla spray and lotion. I can't wait to get my shower soon! I even manged to find 3 bras at Sears. It was a really good shopping day!

We went to 4:30 mass and even more good things happened. I was saying to Jerry that 2 of the boys that work at the rectory are leaving for college, he should ask Father if he's hiring. He thinks about it and I say, you should go catch him before he leaves to do his running around. He goes back and asks Father and he says, Jerry I just saw you sitting out there and thought, I should call Jerry and ask him if he wants a job. LOL!!! Pays to go to mass and be friends with your pastor. The boys that work there usually just have to answer the phones and greet anyone coming to the rectory for a meeting. They can do their homework, watch tv and bring their laptops if they have one. This is the perfect job for him. It's a couple days a week from 3-7PM. Doesn't interfere with much and the hours are perfect.

Greg had a hockey game after mass. It was a playoff game but they lost. Greg had a goal so he was happy. The coach had some really nice things to say about him after the game. Proud mommy moment!

Now I'm home doing some wash and playing on line. I think I'll curl up with my book and relax some before hogging the whole bed to myself!


  1. What a great day! I so wish we could hang out!

    I want pictures of your purple pocketbooks! I post mine. You need to post yours!

    It is definitely a good day when all the kids have great things happen to them.

  2. Sounds wonderful Lori. I wish we had some sales like that down here. You're a lucky girl too!

  3. I really need my own digi camera so I could post them. LOL My phone camera just does not do the colors justice.


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